Zhang Shanzi’s a war reisaku tiger appeared in the Xiling Autumn Auction gigolos

Zhang Shanzi’s a war reisaku "tiger" appeared in Zhang Shanzi’s autumn auction Xiling sharply reisaku "tiger" war appeared in the middle of the picture Xiling Autumn Auction sitting a giant tiger, forelimb stand, tiger body side, if the dragon shaped to look at fiercely as a tiger does, surrounded by pine as the background, the tiger image majestic-looking. The upper right corner of the screen, "coiling" four words, inscribed "Republic of China twenty-eight years national day, a Chicago by the chamber of Commerce, tiger Zhang Shanzi". In October 10, 1939, the painter Zhang Shanzi in the United States of Chicago, with four square meters of the giant canvas, drawing a "coiling". After a lapse of seventy-seven years, this piece of Japanese reisaku "tiger", will debut in December 16th 2016 Xiling autumn auction juchui. 2016 Autumn Auction Xiling Zhang Shanzi SBBS Tiger: largest market size a single tiger "coiling" Shanzi paintings in the modern art history, especially the history of art, the unique significance of the times. 1939, Zhang Shanzi for the war to the United States donations. In the United States of Chicago Chinese Chamber of Commerce and industry associations amleang, he is a field of ink painting "tiger" according to lopal. Painting is 2.17 meters high, 1.985 meters wide, is the largest size of Zhang Shanzi’s painting of a single tiger works, is currently in the market can see the eyes of the greatest oil paintings of Zhang Shanzi. The works published in the press, "my father," Zhang Daqian, "a tiger Crazy: Zhang Shanzi, Hu Shuangan, Ann Ji", "Zhang Shanzi’s world", "Neijiang history" Sichuan cppcc. In the picture, giant tiger eyes looking, not anger from Granville, forelegs stand, xuemaibizhang. The male tiger king wind in Zhang Shanzi’s heart, which represents the entire Chinese nation, and the rise in the rise and fall of the Chinese nation. "The Chinese nation as the tigers stand up", is the strongest country in the world the outgoing Zhang Shanzi issued. By the chamber of Commerce and the largest community is Chinese American society, "" coiling client available directly from the chamber of Commerce and industry by. By the chamber of Commerce was founded in 1893, is the nation’s oldest and largest, most members of the Chinese community, during the Anti Japanese war has been abroad for Chinese national flags and strive for international solidarity, continued by the leaders of the two sides and the international community affirmation and support. At that time, Zhang Shanzi went to the United States for the campaign on the occasion, the Chicago chamber of Commerce and industry is actively respond to the call by the national currency, invested ten thousand yuan to buy the "Tibet tiger" to support the motherland according to Lung Poon, and for the relief of the victims of war. And proceeds by Zhang Shanzi on behalf of Mrs. Yang Huanqing, all donations to the Ministry of interior Relief Committee, a universal. The money, is undoubtedly a booster to help domestic war. And the tiger was also in the industrial and commercial building after the completion of the suspension has been hanging in the lobby of the central, to the people of the world, I am chinese. In October 1939, Zhang Shanzi made an "map" by the American Association of China funded Chicago Anliang $ten thousand purchase and a photo (three left for Zhang Shanzi Zhang Shanzi and the chamber of Commerce and industry) members in the paintings before the group photo, this important historical moment is retained in the frame of black and white photos so far, all published in the biography of Zhang Shanzi, year)相关的主题文章:

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