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Yunnan all gone through "green imperial" to do 1234 interviews of 681 people – Beijing new network in Kunming in August 26, (Miu Chao) 26 reporters from the Yunnan provincial Environmental Protection Bureau was informed that during the Seventh Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate inspectors to Yunnan to do the masses of complaints of environmental issues 1234, as of in August 24th, Yunnan has gone through all the. The Seventh Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate inspectors in Yunnan during the work, a total of Yunnan to transfer to the masses to report complaints of environmental problems in 31 batches of 1234, of which, the call report 1082, letter report 152, Yunnan Province Environmental Protection Leading Group Office inspectors have all been transferred to the state (city) for. In accordance with the requirements of the Yunnan provincial government, the state (city) to speed up the case investigation and accountability. According to the state (city) verify the reported statistics, as of August 24th, Yunnan to do 31 batch of 1234 have all gone through. According to the administrative division, has gone through the number of parts is: Kunming City 672, Zhaotong City 80, Qujing City 142, Yuxi City 91, Baoshan city 19, Chuxiong 30, Wenshan, Honghe Prefecture 49, 21, 15, 17, Xishuangbanna City, Dali, 56 Dehong 7, Lijiang 5, 10, Diqing Nujiang 11, Lincang 4, the other has gone through multi state (city) of the 5 complaints report. The verified cases, shall be ordered to immediately correct 299, rectification 216, investigation 196, 4 investigation, detention 3 people, detained 3, limited production cut-off 15, shutting down on 73, interviewed 681 people. Provincial, state (city), county (city, district) level three to implement the central environmental protection inspector investigating cases ineffective, seriously duty and other persons responsible for Discipline and accountability. As of August 24th, a total of 13 states (city) 327 persons responsible for accountability, the accountability of 322 people, 5 people party and government discipline. According to the type of accountability (part of the staff by two or more than two kinds of accountability): admonishing conversation 181, then cancel Pingyoupingxian qualifications 37 people, and ordered to make a written examination, 140 people criticized 69 people, 2 people, jobs suspended inspection 12. 5 party and government discipline, which is a serious warning 2 people, 2 people administrative warning, administrative demerit 1 people. Recently, the Yunnan provincial environmental protection supervision work leading group office issued a notice, the arrangements for the deployment of the central seventh Environmental Protection Inspectorate for environmental issues assigned by summing up the work and gone through the case of "looking back", states (city) government management is in place, whether according to the law, the local people are satisfied as a key content "look back" inspection, and resolutely do case handling, investigation and rectification measures in place, responsibility in place. (end)相关的主题文章:

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