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Wuxi: kinetic energy conversion industry — Finance — to revive the glory original title: Wuxi: Revive industry glory kinetic energy conversion above scale industrial output grew 4.1%, the growth rate of 4.3 percentage points higher than the same period last year, the highest rate since 2012; industrial investment grew 13.2%, the growth rate of 1.8 percentage points higher than the same period last year…… The first half of this year, Jiangsu city of Wuxi remained steady for the good development trend, this is the best footnote in Wuxi for more than a year of "industrial strong city" strategy. Wuxi is a famous city of industry and commerce, industry is the economic pillar of Wuxi. Under the new normal economic development, how to effectively implement the energy conversion, to revive the industry influence, become the key to the economic development of Wuxi. To promote structural optimization and integration of the textile industry has been regarded as a labor-intensive industry, but in Wuxi first cotton textile factory workshop, machine speed, hard worker figure. The company chairman Zhou Yejun told reporters, through the intelligent transformation, employment spindles can be controlled in less than 25 people, the scale of 5 times at the same time, employment but reduced from 8000 to about 2000, the efficiency reached the international first-class level. For the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises, the introduction of the Wuxi, thousands of enterprises to upgrade equipment and action plan, since 2013, a total of 5414 projects opened, completed, of which more than one billion yuan project of the 1316. As of the first half of this year, the city’s industrial investment in the province ranked by twelfth in 2009 rose to the seventh place, from the province’s percentage points higher than the province rose to more than 2.3 percentage points higher than the province’s total of 11.2. Sea orchid house is a clothing enterprise, but in the enterprise production plant, but not a set of clothing equipment and a clothing workers, some modern logistics warehousing. "We are the people of the first industry, the second industry to do, earn the money of the third industry." Sea orchid house, vice president of such a summary of the transformation process of the enterprise. The predecessor of Hailanjituan Jiangyin Xinqiao Town third woolen mill, in the process of development, their timely transformation, waiting for the right time to integrate the manufacturing resources surrounding the decentralized, succeeded in manufacturing this part of outsourcing, then focus on the design, brand management, realize the transformation from traditional manufacturing to modern service industry. Seize the commanding heights of industry in the aluminum market a "capacity to" the voice of Wuxi, Wu Quyin state metal composite material Co Ltd is in just a few years time from a township enterprises grow into alloy composite plate, strip and foil for brazing of the largest enterprises. Shen Jiansheng, chairman of the company said that the silver state of the secret is only one continuous innovation. 2001, silver state according to the demand of market innovation, aluminum material to enter the home appliance market segments, to develop Aluminum Alloy composite plate for automobile water tank with foil, always stand in the forefront of the market, to achieve a steady growth. Wuxi opened this year science and technology innovation list, the "world’s first" China’s first "international leader" and other words appear frequently. Not long ago, the National Supercomputing Center (Wuxi) independent research and development of "divinity? Taihu light" won the world supercomputer crown; the world’s first fourth generation nuclear power plant steam generator off)相关的主题文章:

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