Wuliangye called core dealer price per bottle price rose 60 yuan (video)

Wuliangye called the core dealer price adjustment: ex factory price rose 60 yuan per bottle Wuliangye: the first half net profit rose 18% on each reporter Xie Zhenyu long rumored Wuliangye price issue settled. August 30th (yesterday) afternoon, Wuliangye announced its core products 52 degrees crystal bottle of Wuliangye (commonly known as general motors) ex factory price will be raised to $739 / bottle, and suggested that the retail price of $829 bottle guide. The price of the new deal will be implemented from September 15th, when it is precisely the Mid Autumn Festival, the national day of the traditional liquor consumption season. At present, the general five ex factory price of $679 / bottle, an increase of 60 yuan / bottle. Some analysts said that Wuliangye price adjustment is expected to narrow the spread of general five and flying Moutai. After learning the news of the general five price adjustment, a Wuliangye dealer expressed concern about this. He believes that the current market price dynamics and inadequate, manufacturers need to solve the problem of channel profitability. Called the core dealers announced price increases at 10 am on August 30th, the reporter went to a hotel lobby in Chengdu, found that there are still some dealers from all over the country in the report of Wuliangye. In the afternoon, Wuliangye convened a number of core dealers internal marketing conference held here. On the eve of the meeting, the reporter saw at the scene, not the venue, gathered dozens of Wuliangye core dealers, Wuliangye, chairman of the company Liu Zhongguo, deputy general manager in charge of sales, such as Zhu will attend. It is reported that, including Wuliangye’s core distributors, as well as company executives and sales staff, including a total of nearly 100 ginseng. Because it is an internal meeting, the reporter was not allowed to audit. Subsequently, Wuliangye aspects to the daily economic news reporter, said the dealer marketing work conference decided that from September 15th onwards, general five ex factory price adjusted to $739. At the same time, Wuliangye 1618, low series products will also be based on market supply and demand, timely introduction of adjustment measures. This is the five time the price of Wuliangye’s last price adjustment is also less than half a year. In March this year, the general five ex factory price recovered to $679 bottles. Wuliangye price adjustment five in fact there are plans. At the 2015 1218 dealer conference, Liu Zhongguo has said that in 2016 the general price of the factory will continue to callback, and gradually guide its price recovery to the normal level of matching with the value of. Recently, the outside world is also expected to restore the general Wuliangye five price to $729 bottle, the price is also the level of the top five in the 2013 peak. August 29th, a Wuliangye dealer in Sichuan, said the company has been rumors of price adjustment for a long time, but there has been no progress. Yesterday, a brokerage analyst told the "daily economic news" reporter said, Wuliangye’s price range is "awesome", but the market prices will be how, is not good judgment. He pointed out that the key to see whether the late five market price system can rationalize. At present, the S & P Five ex factory price is 679 yuan a bottle, but in fact, Pu 51 (a wholesale dealer price in 650~660 yuan or so bottles). A Wuliangye dealer in Henan to attend the "daily economic news" reporter said, the local general 51 price in the current 650 yuan or so bottles. He also said that the province’s actual number of dealers.相关的主题文章:

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