Women’s chat group can not grab the red envelopes in the bathroom to upload video uploaded detained lara fabian

The woman in the chat group to grab envelopes in the bathroom to shoot video upload detained Dianxun intersection on the evening of 8, Taizhou Xinghua woman Yuri Huang (a pseudonym) in a public bathroom in the locker room, bestie social group within the red grab war, because the bathroom signal is poor, Yuri Huang is always one step behind ". In order to prove the signal difference, Yuri Huang click on the small video features, the scene will be sent to the social scene in the dressing room, a few women in the video did not wear clothes. Yuri Huang was arrested by the Xinghua police administrative detention. According to the Taizhou Xinghua City Public Security Bureau namchang police station duty police, 8 at 10 pm, who lives in the city of Xinghua to the city of a woman Yuri Huang bath, washed into the locker room, Yuri Huang bestie group coincides with the grab red war is like a raging fire, quickly joined the "war". The bathroom but suffer from poor signal, Yuri Huang is always better than bestie "slow step". Yuri Huang was a small video click, will be sent to the locker room scene bestie group, to show her to grab red because the signal is not good. Yuri Huang’s shooting behavior was just seen after the police. Xinghua Public Security Bureau namchang police station after the alarm, the police immediately processing. The police examine Yuri Huang’s mobile phone, the accounts are recorded in the locker room a bathroom video, in which two women were dressed. Because of the invasion of her privacy in public networks, Yuri Huang was detained by the police in accordance with the law of Xinghua. Extended video: nothing to do with the original text. 5 female college students with the rent of a bathroom is now the owner does not respond to the camera相关的主题文章:

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