Woman mistook the hot steam atomization when own daughter is new network – Disfigured douke

Woman mistook the "hot steam atomization" when own daughter is new network – disfigured every child has an innocent smile, who lives in Weifang Changyi Yin Shanyang Village Ma Zhen girl Wang Jiaxin, but because of my mother’s mistakes, let her disfigured face. According to the people’s livelihood train reported that talking about the scar on the face of Wang Jia, Wang Meizhu, who is the mother of sweet tears. Wang Meizhu told reporters, Wang Jiaxin four or five months old when a little cough, the doctor said to go home to do the atomization of the child, the results of the understanding of the wrong, after returning home with the hot water to give the child a smoked nose in the water, the results of the understanding of the wrong, but also to understand the wrong way to go home, but also to the children of the family, the results of the understanding of the error, the results of the understanding of the wrong, after the return of the water to the child’s nose. Hot hot adult stand, let alone the 5 month old child. Wang Meizhu said: the child was lying on the ground, I heard the child crying badly, looked up, it burns, we immediately went to the hospital." After the rescue of the hospital, a small home life is picked up, but his face was left scar. Now home slowly grew up, the fall will be on the first grade, and the scars on the face of a small family need to deal with. However, because of family reasons, home Xin, mother and sister are now living in the grandmother’s home, no income. So, back home mom found love hospital — Ji’nan modern Dermatology Hospital, hope that they can help their poor daughter. Ji’nan modern dermatology hospital doctor Yang Zhiyu told reporters: we are ready to help the hospital free of charge, trying to help him to become a bit of a flat scar, and then as far as possible to reduce some of the pigment." Wang, a family of three were free to receive Ji’nan, after careful examination, combined with the actual situation of the home, the doctor gave a treatment plan. Free treatment for it. The reporter interviewed the Ji’nan modern dermatology hospital doctor Li Ya, doctor Li Ya said: "this is like a child burn scar contracture, the surface of the skin, some have hyperplasia, accompanied by pigmentation treatment, we want to undertake a comprehensive. Because the size of the child is relatively large, need to divide the treatment, about 3 months of treatment. Scar color will be significantly improved. The color will change from dark brown. Then all symptoms and hyperplasia or uneven scar contracture have been significantly improved, the skin will become thin, will become more smooth."相关的主题文章:

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