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With the prime minister with frame: Riga 16+1 was born two "family portrait" – Beijing Chinese – Middle East European cooperation mechanism seems to be attached to water. The "16+1" summit, from the first to the last Danube River on the coast of Taihu, and now came to the Baltic sea. It seems more like a coincidence, metaphor is Chinese philosophy about "success, 16+1 cooperation, especially in the 16 countries of Eastern Europe to promote infrastructure interoperability and huge demand, and China manufacturing cost optimal in the equipment capacity and promote the industrialization process of experience so as to make mutual docking, to carry out international cooperation becomes logical, production capacity ripe. "Water is good for all things, but not for", Premier Li Keqiang has quoted Lao Tzu’s "moral classics" in this sentence on the mutually beneficial cooperation between the state and the economic and trade cooperation. It’s not difficult to imagine, when a Sinologist from central and Eastern Europe China told the prime minister, he will be just "moral" into his native language, Li Keqiang’s approval shows between the lines. "It’s really not easy! It’s a hard job!" Prime Minister said. Confucius, a famous Sinologist and Dean of the College of Latvia, from the University of China, gave a high praise to Mr. Li Keqiang by the "Chinese Han Chinese Dictionary" compiled by him. This happened in the National Library of Riga, the capital of Latvia. After attending the fifth meeting of the leaders of China, the central and Eastern Europe, Li Keqiang met with representatives from various countries on behalf of the National People’s Republic of china. In fact, before the meeting, the leaders of the 16 countries have almost mentioned the wishes of the humanities exchanges, and as a bright spot for cooperation between each other and growth pole. The Chinese prime minister to promote the next step in the four initiatives proposed by the 16+1 cooperation, closer cultural exchanges, and promote the common people is also one of the major initiatives. In view of this, the place, the National Library of the meeting, as well as the Sinologist participate in this special activities, will become a matter of course. During the meeting, the famous scholar, Dean Bade Confucius High School of Latvia university to Li Keqiang presented by his compilation of "selected" Graham bilingual dictionary. Here’s a little present for you." Bader said high. After receiving the gift, Premier Li Keqiang responded: "bilingual dictionaries are of special importance to the development of Sino Latin American relations. Language is the bridge of cultural communication. You are not a small present, but a very big gift. Thank you!" In the subsequent meeting host Li Keqiang and the Prime Minister of Latvia and the host country meeting next year Hungarian prime minister met with reporters, special mention this thing: we have just met together with all the sinologist, I also received a Latvia Sinologist language written in double dictionary. I sincerely hope that, in the future there will be more to promote China and the central and Eastern European countries to communicate the work of language communication. 16+1 leaders meeting, in accordance with the usual to take a photo. This "family portrait", from the Taihu River to the Baltic Sea, but also from the documents of "Suzhou outline" into "Riga outline". And the unique feature of this year is the Riga meeting in 16+1, before the birth of a new leader photo, another "family portrait": 17 in front of the national flag only)相关的主题文章:

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