Wireless headset airpods information display box will become the iPhone 7 standard coscoqd

Wireless headset AirPods information display box will become the iPhone 7 standard [editor’s note] according to the Tencent of science and technology from the Russian region of the new iPhone 7 box picture content, will be formally launched this month a new generation of iPhone models not only storage capacity will have doubled, and rumors of the "AirPods" will be at least some models become standard, users do not need extra money to buy. It is reported that the United States professional Apple media AppleInsider is to get this series of so-called iPhone 7 box image information on Thursday night local time. In this picture we can see clearly that the capacity of 256GB words, in the annex with instructions on the back is not only shown in iPhone 7 Plus, even slightly cheaper iPhone 7 will also be standard new wireless headset AirPods, but we did not see the previous rumors of the Lightning headset adapter information. However, AppleInsider believes the authenticity of the so-called spy remains to be considered, because Apple has recently started to print the product information in the packaging box directly, but as the packing box or the use of the film text clearly showed that way. Moreover, this text layout form is centered, this way with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S on the left shows the traditional also differ. In addition, apple does not usually on the back of the box with a large print the name of the product, but as there was this situation. Of course, apple in some areas of the product packaging will also be used in the back of the large font print product name and detailed description of the information center, such as iPad Mini 2 and apple watch. It should be said that with the iPhone 7 release date approaching, the information about this product also began to emerge. But Apple’s retail packaging box is actually relatively easy to fake things, so we are afraid to wait until the official launch of the iPhone 7 can finally confirm the accuracy of the news. As we all know, apple is likely to make a major change in iPhone 7, that is to cancel the popular 3.5mm headset interface for more than and 10 years, instead of the Lightning interface. Although rumors have not yet been confirmed, but in China has already begun to produce Lightning interface to 3.5mm adapter manufacturers. And after a long time, there have been news that apple is secretly developing a new wireless headset. Japanese media Mac Otakara given the news that the new wireless EarPods in terms of design style will be very close to the German Bragi’s Dash headset. Moreover, the new EarPods wireless headset will be named "AirPods", the news came just prior to market rumors Apple will in iPhone 7 3.5mm to cancel the traditional headset interface is consistent, so it can greatly improve the credibility of the news. Root)相关的主题文章:

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