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Wei Hongyun: Liang Qichao’s influence on modern China – Yunnan Channel – Speaker: Wei Hongyun time: January 2014 Venue: Nankai University Wei Hongyun, born in 1925, the famous Chinese modern historian, Honorary Professor of Nankai University, director of the Institute of modern history Chinese fame history. He served as director of the Department of history, Nankai University, member of the History Committee of the State Council Academic Degree Committee, vice president of the Chinese society of modern history and a number of visiting professors and other positions. Long term research in the field of modern Chinese history. The opening of Nankai University President Gongke: Mr. Wei Hongyun is the field of modern history China pioneer, have deep research skill in the agrarian revolution, the Anti Japanese War and other fields, rich academic achievements, has widespread influence in the international arena. It is our honor to be able to listen to his speech about Liang Qichao’s life and the course of his thoughts in his nine years. Liang Qichao is an encyclopedic character, although only more than and 50 years old, but still has a huge impact on today’s china. In the Zhou Enlai Deng Yingchao memorial hall, we can see Zhou Enlai copy of Liang Qichao’s poem — "the world is willing to infinity endless, boundless sky stand for a long time, visible Liang Qichao at the time of impact. Liang Qichao was born in 1873, died on 1929, the word such as rengong, Zhuo, alias, Lancang, and drinking ice house owner. He is a great thinker and writer in the modern history of China. He wrote about 14000000 words. He is a man of great learning. His article is very moving. Yan Fu said "any public wonderful talent, not to write off since the Sino Japanese War, the text in newspapers, score as much, a paper popular at home, listening to one of the towering view." Liang Qichao commented on his article "easy accessibility, when mixed with slang, rhyme and foreign grammar, longitudinal pen to not Jianshu, scholars competitive performance, new style; the old is hate, birds wildfox. The article clear, Bifeng often with emotion, for the reader, do not have a magic." Hu Shi told Liang Qichao to respect, he said: "no Liang pen, although Sun Zhongshan and Huang Keqiang can succeed 100, so fast! (of the revolution of 1911)". At that time, the young generation of intellectuals, almost all of the baptism of Liang Qichao thought and text. When I see Mao Zedong Liang Qichao’s article in the "new citizen", should read repeatedly. Guo Moruo Liang rengong considered at the time regarded as a representative of revolutionaries, the emerging gas before his sharp remarks, almost all the old ideas, old habits are like the wind in the leaves, completely lost its wonderful". It is because Liang Qichao has a huge influence at the time, after his death, Tianjin, Shanghai has held a memorial service, celebrities have the text of mourning. Yang Xingfo’s elegiac couplet is "the vernacular precedent, its own record in vertical history; politics like young faction, and finally with false pity hero." Hu Shi’s elegiac couplet is "the text received power, divine revolution; life of themselves, China xinmin." Although Daru Shuming because parochial prejudice, school opposition, Liang Qichao said: "the amount of academic achievement than the quality, the)相关的主题文章:

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