U.S. experts F -20 than F-22 but the number is another quality

U.S. experts: F -20 than F-22 but the number is another quality of the "Popular Mechanics" magazine website published on the 18 Japanese military commentator Kell · channel articles on the latest observations of "new painting" China f -20 stealth fighter in this article to the mysterious voice and talk about f -20 fighter the Japanese were very "Japanese characteristics" view. The article said that the latest China fighter, developed by Chengdu fighters -20 recently replaced by a new coating. The new fifth generation fighter with a new "broken" painting pictures of the early October began to appear in the Chinese network. Photo shows 4 aircraft, two of them are yellow primer, one is gray, fourth frames with broken pattern. According to the fighter magazine, the photos were taken over the factory of the Chengdu aircraft industry group in Sichuan, Chengdu province. China network information source said the two fighters -20 has flown to Guangdong Province in eastern China, may be ready to participate in the biennial Zhuhai air show, the exhibition will be held in November 1-6. This is probably the two new painting f -20 fighter. Gray, low visibility coating seems to be similar to the F-35 fighter. With the United States and Japan F-35 low visibility international mark, mark the two aircraft and low visibility, and the traditional Chinese air force used yellow edge wing star sign different. The -20 is the first open since January 2011, the machine is designed to improve the work very quickly, and from the appearance point of view can be found the prototype it has made many adjustments — not to mention the internal. It is reported that the aircraft has begun to slow production, or has not yet begun full line production line. Despite the very high profile, but Chinese nobody knows exactly what the f -20 aircraft. The fighter has a huge body and a twin engine, suggesting that it has a high speed performance and a very long range, while the use of stealth shape and the inside of the cabin to indicate that it needs to penetrate enemy airspace. The -20 may be a remote air superiority fighter, designed for BVRAC optimization. However, it may also be a long-range strike fighter, through stealth performance through enemy air defense, missiles and precision guided bombs to destroy ground targets. The really big question is f -20 and the United States compared to F-22 or F-35? The answer is almost certainly not. Development time annihilates -20 than that of the two American planes are much shorter, lower cost a lot. China’s experience in the development of fighter jets, especially the fifth generation fighter, is less, and their technical base is even worse. As a result, their final product is certainly not comparable to the fifth generation fighter in the United states. However, this may not matter. If Chinese at half the cost, half the time is half of the production performance of fighter, this need may overwhelm manufacturing with F-22 or F-35 the same fighter requirements — such a project would take decades. China may be able to simply produce more fighter jets – as they say: quantity is another quality.相关的主题文章:

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