Tsinghua School Opening Ceremony the Olympic family feelings, a Teenage Dream Chronicles minmi

Tsinghua School Opening Ceremony: the Olympic National Identity, a journal of juvenile dream lead: in Beijing, there is an ancient and legendary school! The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, 3 example records out from Tsinghua School Alumni into boarded the Olympic podium, won three gold 4 Silver medals. They are: 2016 Olympic Games women’s synchronized three m springboard diving, women’s three meter champion Shi Tingmao; the 2016 Rio Olympics men’s 10 meter diving champion Lin Yue; the 2016 Rio Olympic diving in the women’s 3 metres runner up, 2012 London Olympic champion hezi. Won the Athens Olympic Games women’s 10 meter platform double champion Lao Lishi, won the diving world champion Zhou Lvxin is also out of Tsinghua School to the world champion. It is worth mentioning that there are two students in 2016 Rio Olympic Games parents, the national shooting team Tully and Pang Wei also won the Olympic medal. The Olympic Games, 6 medals and the Tsinghua School to become his brother’s wife. "Health" is the Tsinghua School to five core literacy first. The school sports as the core of the 1+X curriculum, put forward the slogan of "three sports every day, health work for fifty years" slogan. Majohn is a banner of China sports, former manager of Tsinghua school. Adhering to the "non sports Tsinghua" concept, the school out of the more than the Olympic champion, has formed a multidisciplinary integration of a variety of skills of physical education curriculum. The body is the best education, Tsinghua school physical education work through the realization of education on life. In September 1st, the Department of Tsinghua School, Tsinghua School Business Center (two experimental primary school district, Changping), Tsinghua primary school, four campus jointly held the theme of "pass the Olympic National Identity, a journal of juvenile dream" as the theme of the opening ceremony. Deputy director of Education Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department Chang Shu, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission Li Yi, vice president of Tsinghua University, Yang Bin, Haidian District, Chaoyang District, the Changping District government and the leadership education, parents of the PTA and Tsinghua School of Tsinghua primary students together to participate in the opening ceremony. (Tsinghua School Principal Dou Guimei speech) hundred years of school, the school! A hundred years new journey of Tsinghua School proposed "education philosophy that Cheng Zhi education on life". The 2016 Rio Olympic Games, China Olympic athletes who love the motherland, not afraid of difficulties, struggling to win glory for the country, with their own responsible action has become the example into Tsinghua School Youth records, with their own responsibility to pursue interpretation of socialist core values. Tsinghua School to the ceremony, is to go out of the Tsinghua School Olympic champion for example by Zhi Cheng Zhi, dreams of Olympic athletes: Tsinghua juvenile responsibility education cast – Chengzhi inheriting Chinese traditional culture, the most important thing in life — to ambition with the motherland and the nation needs together. Hongzhi, strive to become the future model, leading the society and lead times. (Tsinghua youth and Olympic athletes with the five-star red flag): Youth Olympic athletes and Tsinghua Chengzhi with flag Cheng Zhi education began in the inheritance of responsibility. To meet the important moment of Tsinghua School to 100+1 freshmen and the new semester. The Olympic Games veteran, to participate in the Olympic Games the most moving!相关的主题文章:

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