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Try to sleep in The Parisian Hotel, Macao’s new landmark Sohu – tourism refer to Macao, probably will be the first time we thought of several names: ruins…… Macau…… Venice people…… And so on………… What is Venice people? Can you eat it? It is not a historical building, nor a gourmet, but a collection of accommodation shopping in a real estate complex!!!! Well, the big head of Macao has always been a strong sense of Venice people behind the marketing tools, almost the people of Venice into a synonym for Macao! This time, Venice sister hotel – Macao # Parisian # hotel grand opening, this time their marketing team almost put ads do on the moon!!! Quoted from the interview to the vice president of Jinsha China Co. Ltd. resort marketing and sales Ruth MS Boston: "before officially opened in Macao # Parisian #, companies have done marketing for a long time, through the integration of promotion to let everyone know the information opening of the road. Macao Parisians in the mainland of China to choose 6 cities to promote large-scale roadshow, the entire Asian region to select 13 cities roadshow. Macao # Parisian # paid special attention to social media promotion, in the WeChat website and online activities "lit the Paris tower received a very warm welcome. In the future, Macao will # Parisian # in a variety of ways, let visitors know Macao Paris human existence. "No wonder whether it is in the network, television, print and so on all exist on earth publicity channels, can see the Parisian grand opening ad! Good advertising, not as good as the actual occupancy! The big old wet invited to participate in the opening ceremony, with Macao # Parisian experience brought # for you the first time! Whether it is the airport or the pier or the various points, you can see the Parisians that pink car, get on the bus, you can quickly go to the hotel. I went to the Macao road? Golden Road, I found that everyone in the first photo, the original…… Since September 13th, there has been a landmark in Macao. Macao is located in the Parisian Eiffel Tower has become a major landmark in the road? Golden Road, in the construction of a number of wealthy Paris tower of the original buildings with horizontal elements, such as texture, carved railings, mesh screen, spell block component lattice structure and staircase design and a viewing platform around the elegant and gorgeous packaging details etc.. The 1:2 of Eiffel Tower, not only touch the sky spectacular shock, but also a great inner universe, contains 37 layers, 7 layers of Taiwan top landscape platform with 1 restaurant. On the Eiffel Tower, to the French restaurant to enjoy a good dinner, overlooking the magnificent scenery of the Golden Road, pretending to be in Paris, it is appropriate! In addition, as the original building, symphony of lights show will be staged in Macao Parisian Eiffel Tower every night, I carefully tell you, don’t take full picture of iPhone tower! Whenever there is a Eiffel Tower as a background story.相关的主题文章:

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