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Touch the future look good voice in Wuzhen – November 16th to 18, 2009, the third world Internet Conference will be opened in Zhejiang, Wuzhen. At that time, Chinese and foreign guests gathered again, to "innovation driven, the benefit of mankind — to build cyberspace community of destiny" as the theme, focus on five aspects of the Internet economy, Internet innovation, Internet culture, Internet Governance and the international cooperation on brainstorming. The forefront of the Internet concept, technology will be in this intersection, the dream of water and modern technology will collide with the most brilliant spark. Compared with the previous two world Internet Conference, this conference is worth looking forward to. The traditional roof covering 2 million 600 thousand piece of Jiangnan Chinese combination, surrounded by water, a park, highlight the traditional culture and modern civilization symbiotic fusion architecture, this is the new Internet Wuzhen International Exhibition center. It will become a permanent venue World Internet Conference, also marks the world Internet Conference? The Wuzhen summit and the Boao forum for Asia and other high-end conference, has formed a "regular" once a year and in one place permanently settled in addressing the convention. Convention and Exhibition Center is divided into three major parts: Conference Center, exhibition center and service center. The Expo will be held for the first time to open to the public, free of charge. The light of the Internet brings together and shows the world’s most advanced, cutting-edge Internet technology and new achievements. Baidu unmanned intelligent parking robot, such as Hikvision and driving a car, aviation data acquisition service provider Elok’s newly developed UAV products, deaf translation gloves will gesture at this conference officially unveiled. Wuzhen is not only a paradise for living, but also a witness to the rapid development of China’s internet. With the world’s Internet Conference permanently settled, and now Wuzhen has become a veritable town of wisdom. 26 gigabit optical access township; Zhejiang data exchange center has more than and 130 member merchants settled; "wisdom endowment 2+2 new model, 5G vehicle networking," wisdom + credit "and a number of scenic wisdom project after landing; free WiFi coverage, the consumer does not need to pay cash, sweep the two-dimensional code can be realized pension; wisdom into the old house," the doctor "; go through the computer will be able to achieve the" intelligent transportation card"…… The Internet has brought tremendous changes to the Millennium town. Two years, Wuzhen Comprehensive Experimental Zone of innovation and development of the Internet, big data Wuzhen high tech Industrial Park, Wuzhen town has approved the characteristics of Internet, Internet companies continue to gather resources for innovation, come in a throng. In 2015 alone, there are 16 Internet companies settled in Wuzhen. As of now, Wuzhen has ushered in more than 30 Internet projects, a total investment of 1 billion yuan, including the electric Kang 5G vehicle networking, Zhejiang big data exchange center, Wuzhen hospital, Changchun City Hall Internet wisdom endowment, Zhejiang at a lot of intellectual property trading center and a large number of key projects. The world’s Internet Conference bonus benefits as well as the entire Zhejiang and even the whole country. With the help of the world Internet Conference, the two session of the general assembly of the continuous release of the bonus, the Internet is unprecedented wide相关的主题文章:

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