Three beef soup shops in Suzhou illegally adding poppy shells to humans (video)-3u8813

Three Suzhou beef broth store illegally added poppy addictive recently, Suzhou Industrial Park, market supervision and Management Bureau received a public complaint, said there are 3 beef broth store after eating beef broth has a strong sense of addiction and dependence, park market supervision and Management Bureau attaches great importance to immediately organize supervisory staff involved in 3 beef broth restaurant supply to the complaints of beef broth poppy field rapid detection, the results were positive. Due to the illegal addition of the case, the nature of the case, the city Bureau of the first time the case information notified to the public security organs, and the case was formally transferred to the public security department, and copied to the prosecution. The public security department again tested the beef poppy soup in three restaurants on the spot, including two shops which were positive and one shop negative. After verification, the positive results of the two stores for the same business owner, on-site inspection found that the kitchen pot memory suspected poppy additives. The public security department has controlled the scene of more than two cases involved in two stores. The park will cooperate with public security market supervision administration of the store selling beef broth, customers are eating beef noodle soup and other food collected 5 samples, and commissioned by the Suzhou entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of inspection and Quarantine Technology Center for legal detection of morphine, codeine, papaverine, noscapine thebaine, five projects, fixed work to do the chain of evidence. Next, the market supervision bureau will continue to focus on hot pot shop, beef soup, hot pepper poppy shell illegal addition of special rectification, heavy blows to crack down on food safety violations. Expanding reading: opium poppy production is increasing, Afghanistan is in the Opium crisis, opium production in Afghanistan is increasing by 43%, opium poppy cultivation is forbidden (video is nothing to do with articles, only for reference)

苏州三家牛肉汤店非法添加罂粟壳 致人上瘾近期,苏州工业园区市场监督管理局接群众投诉举报,称有3家牛肉汤店的牛肉汤食用后有强烈的上瘾感和依赖感,园区市场监督管理局高度重视,立即组织监管人员对投诉所涉3家牛肉汤餐馆供应的牛肉汤进行罂粟壳现场快速检测,结果显示均为阳性。因该案涉嫌非法添加,性质恶劣,园区市管局第一时间将案件信息通报公安机关并将此案正式移送公安部门,同时抄送检察机关。公安部门再次对三家餐馆的牛肉汤进行罂粟壳现场快速检测,其中两家店检测结果为阳性,一家店阴性。经核实,阳性结果的两家店为同一店主经营,现场检查发现其中厨房间汤锅内存有疑似罂粟壳添加物。公安部门已对两家店的多名涉案人员现场进行控制。园区市场监督管理局配合公安将该店制售的牛肉汤、顾客正在食用的牛肉粉丝汤等食品现场采集5份样品,并委托苏州出入境检验检疫局检验检疫综合技术中心对吗啡、可待因、那可丁、蒂巴因、罂粟碱五个项目进行法定检测,从而做好证据链的固定工作。下一步,市场监管局将继续围绕火锅店、牛肉汤、麻辣烫开展罂粟壳非法添加专项整治,重拳打击食品安全违法行为。扩展阅读: 罂粟产量不减反增 阿富汗深陷鸦片危机 阿富汗鸦片产量猛增43% 罂粟种植屡禁不止 (视频与文章无关,仅供参考)相关的主题文章:

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