They’re growing old and I’m growing up demonophobia

They’re getting old but I have grown up time is the lancet, thin face, ruffled brow. Parents are old, we grow up, but whether it has been planning for the future, ready to take on? What things are always called her mother, until one day, my mother said, you look at my memory, left two steps and forget to do. Before I do not love to chat with his father, he said most of the sentence is, where is my mother ah, and now, but also from time to time to call my father, ask the recent body okay, sleep how to sleep. The work for many years, money is pretty good, always thinking about what they need to buy the best, the best eye cream, the best health care products, the best running shoes, the best hope everything can make time on them polished light, then light a little. Ask them what they lack, always say nothing, do not worry about us, you have to eat, rest, do not be too tired. Southern winter wet wet, no heating, air conditioning is dull, my parents always stubbornly refused to buy electric heating, really not necessary, but when they send home to buy, is also gratefully used, really good, now watch TV in the evening do not freeze foot. These daily care and careful drip, no matter how busy you don’t forget, you don’t know you a little filial piety, are the old two days of talk. Since it comes to the topic of parents, we have to mention the sick, older day by day, the machine parts of the problem is also a common thing. Some time ago, a friend of my father found the late lung cancer, his hometown in Nanjing, his work in Beijing, so he hurried to his father received a panic in Beijing, and then find a relationship to find a doctor. But he still could not escape the robbery, soon died. Sorry I, I can not help but think of such a problem, the old man is sick, the city received a large to see the doctor? I think, if like a friend of this kind of situation, there is no need too much. Nanjing’s medical condition was good, and the advanced lung cancer, the lung is not nervous, there is pain in the late stage of transfer and diffusion, the possibility of cure is very small, the Beijing It doesn’t help the situation. Might as well let the elderly safely at home for conservative treatment, the most likely to alleviate the suffering of patients. Of course, if the parents of the disease to the big city is more likely to get treatment, we must spare no effort to treat. But these points must be considered: one is to hang up, ahead of time (whether legitimate channels or cattle), the old man came to delay the time; two is the first to help line up to see a doctor, doctor general hospital also need to line up, you look at the same time, let the family the patient came to the hospital, the hospital environment is noisy or the old People are hurrying to and fro. for too long, too. On the issue of medical expenses, and now most of the medical insurance only support local hospital reimbursement. Because the use of medical insurance card in the country there are some differences, and there is no national network, so the use of medical insurance card is limited to the insured. However, you can as soon as possible for parents to choose some suitable supplementary commercial insurance: better than the risk, because the premium is cheap, and the elderly.相关的主题文章:

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