The warmth of family small picture books, this is my family! Sohu – (video) rainism

The warmth of family small picture books, this is my family! Sohu maternal and child, look, this is my family! "Is a small book from the French family warmth. The 6 volumes, including my mother, my father, my sister, my brother, my grandfather, my grandmother. It’s fun and tender and full of love. The end is particularly lovely, very innovative consciousness, do not follow the crowd. The author carefully put in a lot of examples, to add to the ideal mother and father on the impression. This book tells us that children’s books against the old stereotype, they have to use more innovative ways to explain the problem to the children. "Roses do not belong to girls, boys do not always love blue." "OK, OK" for "guess how much I love you". Mike Blegny’s book is not only a child’s bedtime story, but, for adults, his works also in the outside world into their relationship with the child, before and change this relationship forever, to remind them to remember those magical moments spent together with their children. My mother went to work with simple, lively, humorous, warm words and pictures to help children overcome separation anxiety. Mother after work more happy parent-child time, let the temporary separation is full of happy expectations! The book not only helps children feel anxious about their parents going out to work, but also brings comfort to the parents who have to leave their children to work for the time being. Family study is committed to recommend good books, pay attention to personal growth, marriage, family, child. Welcome to subscribe. Public number: family study jiatingshufang2015相关的主题文章:

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