The United States government for automatic driving for the new regulations, companies do not buy it!

The United States government for automatic driving for the new regulations, companies do not buy it! Sohu in September 20th, the U.S. Department of transportation announced the first self driving car federal policy documents, which provides the system guarantee for the automatic driving technology, in addition to the legitimacy of the self driving car, will also in the future development of automatic driving technology and the whole automatic driving bring far-reaching effect. Sometime is new by car companies and technology companies in the "cold", the main problem is the core of safety assessment will bring enterprise data leakage risk, unable to protect the commercial interests. As for the smooth implementation of the new policy, the United States Congress is still pending final approval. The issue of legitimacy has been controversial since the start of the first automatic drive. Even in California, Florida, Nevada, including Michigan, Louisiana and Washington and other local governments have introduced since 2011 according to relevant laws and regulations of vehicle automated driving, but the vast majority of the state governments are still not allowed to use the road vehicle automatic driving. In order to avoid the development of research and application for regulatory standards and hinder the automatic driving car technology, beyond the traditional American federal new deal on automation requirements, take more active measures to the promulgation of national laws and regulations. "94% of road accidents in the United States are caused by human actions and errors." U. S. Department of transportation minister Anthony Foxx said that the car is expected to save tens of thousands of lives, the new policy is unprecedented for the federal government. Safety standards five Division, it is understood that the U.S. Department of transportation under the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will assume the role of the new regulatory authorities. At the same time, the agency announced that it would abandon the original division of the automatic driving technology standards, and the use of the United States Institute of automotive engineers to develop a unified standard is divided into five levels. It is worth noting that the current has been listed in the sales of automatic driving vehicle, especially in grade second or below, which belongs to the automatic driving part or automatic vehicle driving, the agency wants car dealers to submit as soon as possible a comprehensive safety assessment report, and maintain the power to recall. In the near future NHTSA will require Tesla, Mercedes Benz and other car manufacturers to carry out second levels of assessment. The car manufacturer who has completed the assessment will be able to introduce the autopilot system into the market. However, due to the national highway traffic safety administration currently does not have the car listed before the examination and approval authority, the agency spokesman Thomas interviewed by the media said that the ultimate goal of the federal government is "in the future to realize automatic driving technology or automobile listed before the right of approval", because the current regulations still allow car manufacturers to ensure that vehicles meet the consciousness safety standard. Can not say that the secret new policy publicity period is 60 days, the detailed document has been open to download, text 116 pages, detailed testing, operation and safety assessment of vehicle automated driving rules. Specifically, for automatic driving steam.相关的主题文章:

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