The story of the queen and the old Shanghai classical furniture factory

The queen and the chair of old Shanghai classical furniture factory of the story of Jian Ning in 2015, Wang Li completed the old Shanghai western classical furniture factory acquisition, this greatly expanded her collection of antique furniture on the scale of nearly 4000 pieces of old Shanghai antique furniture with many kinds of antique chairs ", so the friends began to call her" chair the queen". A rain in the afternoon, I went to Wang Li in Wanping Road No. 126 furniture exhibition hall, listening to her talk about themselves and between the old Shanghai western classical furniture factory story. Fifteen years ago, love become attached to two old collection of antique furniture director Wang Li and the old Shanghai western classical furniture factory, "the collection of a lot of office furniture, wood box, transported from England, iron artware, as long as we receive new antiques will inform me." Like most girls, Wang Li also love the jade bracelet, Banmei collection bag of these things, the light hand embroidered cheongsam is a collection of nearly 200. However, compared with these magnificent collections, the history of the heavy sense of antique furniture exudes a unique aesthetic charm fascinated her. She love a little bit off the furniture surface dust, feel with sharp blade artisans carved exquisite carving, "it is now a lot of skills have great originality, but lost." The king said in a tone. A few years ago, the 70 year old two old factory ready to retire, Wang Licheng was their first choice the most assured shift. Zhayiting over thousands of pieces of antique furniture, the feeling can be as easy as blowing off dust to make a fortune. But listen to it, but found that all kinds of hard work only to know. Wang Li, director of old are not too care, so you go into the factory will have a very messy feeling, back to the antique furniture piled up everywhere, covered with dust; "" I’ve never managed a factory, has been engaged in the creative design work, the furniture is also back in the beautiful office, but now every day to paint, rubber rivets, dealing with these things, feel mad; "" the first feeling is especially collapse, dug a hole for himself, the old director of their daughters are not willing to take this sub stall." …… Although the heart will wince, but Wang Li bones is not a casual person from this point to beat a retreat, when she was young she left with nothing whatsoever you dare come to travel Shanghai, after various setbacks, a hand operating from a cover of marketing planning, brand promotion, wine trade business empire is remarkable. Over a year old factory, Wang Li re planning according to the warehouse pattern of furniture, wiped the dust, strict control of temperature and humidity, so that the original old furniture to revitalize the intense darkness without light; in order to fulfill these commitments to protect the teacher good yard, she tried to chat with old masters, asked them to sing K, very and soon a group of more than 50 year old veteran well up in her eyes, these lovely "master though sometimes they have to mediate between the noisy, mediate, but I feel like I am in love with this factory, fell in love with these old masters." When it comes to antique furniture, there is often a sense of distance, always felt that it exists between the showroom and the grocery store, or.相关的主题文章:

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