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The solution of breastfeeding problems, solve problems for maternal and child mothers – Sohu believe that many new mothers are faced with such problems that how to get rid of breastfeeding, breastfeeding problems, mastering breastfeeding skills, is a compulsory course for each new mothers. Every new mother will be faced with in the family, on the road of breastfeeding are friends, business problems. In the end what is blocking the path of our breastfeeding, it is really an obstacle to breastfeeding, then we should first understand the majority of mothers may face the problem of breastfeeding. Today the Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital nurse Li Huan sat down with "love time" live, for new mothers to solve problems. Professor Li told us: breastfeeding is now the first and best way to feed the baby, can promote the health and development of newborns. WHO advocates breastfeeding for at least six months, and is typically fed up to two years. Today, Lee for everyone to understand the benefits of breastfeeding. Breast milk is the best and most natural baby food, milk composition can be according to different periods of the baby’s growth and development needs to change, make it easier to digest than baby milk formula, breast milk defense and disease resistance ability is good than the formula is. Through maternal infant skin contact can enhance the feelings between mother and child, but also can promote the health of the mother, can greatly reduce the breast cancer and ovarian cancer in some diseases, more important, more economical and more convenient breastfeeding. So how is the first milk? About breast milk is how to produce, because now a lot of new mothers after birth whether they are old or pregnant women, they all have some misunderstanding in understanding, that breastfeeding should be down right after the milk feeding the baby, is usually two to three days after the milk may come down but, this time to feed our baby is already late. So when it starts to be low, the family may be worried. So this time we have to tell you how breast milk is produced. The maternal blood would be a thing called prolactin, when some people at the end of the month already will produce milk, but due to personal physical and some people may not have. When the baby is born, we will be the first time for the baby and mother skin contact, and then give the baby milk. The so-called open milk is the first time to let the baby suck the nipple of the mother, because when the baby sucking nipples convey to pregnant women’s pituitary gland, and then release the blood prolactin from the pituitary, slowly we milk will be produced, that is to say the baby sucking mother’s breast can promote maternal milk the faster, more frequent Mother sucking the milk of the mother, and not to wait until then to let the baby down milk sucking, not a process, but let the baby to take the initiative of the. At the same time to understand the mother holding the baby’s posture, shortcut to baby how can we reach the baby feeding milk is accepted, must let the baby and mother’s chest to chest and abdominal post abdomen, whole spine and head into a straight line, the baby’s head on the cubital fossa mother’s nipple slightly stimulation look at the baby!相关的主题文章:

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