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Post: curry or to hold the history of the first UEFA Cup or Rooney is still about fat substitute KD Happy birthday! Today’s birthday: NBA warriors famous star: Durant (28 years old) Ukraine famous players: Shevchenko (40 years old)   today in history: on September 29, 1992, Magic Johnson announced the resumption of occupation career (but not until 1996 comeback).   Mourinho hinted that the Europa League or substitute Rooney to win this game is still missing details > > United home court on Friday in the Europa League group phase against the weakest team rival Lou Gansike Sol A, according to ESPN reports, in the pre match press conference, Mourinho suggested that have been frozen in a Rooney or still will be on the bench, Mourinho said: "I’m not sure whether Rooney will be discharged as starting, I think he cannot afford a bad performance now. And I need to protect him and provide him with the best solution. If he’s not ready, I’ll talk to the medical team".   Curitiba can sign a 5 year contract over the history of the first super 165 million Conley details about fertilizer > > September 29th Beijing time, next summer, Jinzhou braves the two regular season MVP Stephen – Curitiba will become an unrestricted free agent. According to the famous NBA agreement expert Larry Kuhn is expected to sign with the Braves Curitiba when a 5 year $165 million maximum salary contract.   Knight will be reduced to three minutes to prepare for the giant Lu: details of > for the playoffs; > September 29th Beijing time, according to the "Cleveland honest newspaper" reported that in order to maintain the health of the big three, the Cavaliers coach tyronn Lue plans to control their appearance in the new season, and will be appropriate to let them rest.   Tardelli why suddenly or looking forward to the winter good Luneng low threshold to leave details > > the day before, who in an interview in Brazil, a nod to the Luneng Club, and said he is still a member of the Taishan Luneng team ", expecting to appear in the squad for next season. This three bursts of information and a few months ago Tardelli’s performance in the social media the difference is too large, it is generally of a move for Tardelli is at the end of the season to the clubs, in order to seek in the winter transfer period trying to leave the Luneng, the club can reduce a release. Another explanation is that he is trying to express his desire to participate in the game to coach Magath and the club.   Chinese champions tournament – Sichuan 43 points negative European champion Liu Wei 12 points for > > Beijing late on September 28th, the European Champions League opener Chinese CSKA Moscow against the Sichuan men’s basketball game in Chengdu, the central army team to a 91-48 victory over the Sichuan male basket.   Asian Cup Chinese lost 1-3 in the Iran youth volleyball play won the runner up details of > > Fifth Asian men’s Volleyball Cup was the final, in.相关的主题文章:

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