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The number one sacked and supervision of cadres was afraid to say "nosy" – Beijing, October 21st at 8 pm, a television documentary "forever on the road" fifth sets "to discipline quite in front of CCTV integrated channels broadcast". In this episode, former deputy secretary of Beijing municipal Lv Xiwen analyzes the transformation process itself by small problems into big problems, from the discipline to the law, it is shown that the discipline’s focus Zhuazao grasping small importance in front, and impressive. Discipline is the life of the party. Comprehensive strictly, strengthen discipline construction is fundamental. Only the very discipline in front, adhere to the strict discipline, discipline at law, in order to overcome the "violation of discipline, to deal with illegal bars just ‘is not a normal situation, discipline and control of all Party members." General secretary Xi Jinping speech sonorous and forceful in the eighteen session of the six plenary session of the Central Commission for Discipline inspection. Over the past three years, Party committees and Discipline Inspection Commission to seriously implement the comprehensive discipline strictly, put it in front of the requirements, actively practice the supervision and discipline of "four forms", really really strict, dare tube in tube length, Long Yan Yan dare, true love to Party members and cadres. Behind all sorts of "thought": a comprehensive discipline strictly "in the past, as long as the official public right, did not expect to catch now so tight, don’t follow the rules will fall!" At the end of September, typhoon "catfish" after the weather gradually improved, but the East China Sea town of Chengxiang District of Putian City, Fujian Province, the former Secretary of the village Party branch Cai Guolin remorse is still calm. Previously, the village has been in the name of the village on behalf of the villagers to raise funds to build primary schools. The former village director Cai Zhuyang decided to use the funds set up another account, not included in the village financial management project, the balance of 2316 yuan deposited in the hands of reimbursement does not hand. When the village Party Secretary Cai Guolin did not raise objections. In the end, Cai Zhuyang, both in the party, therefore, a serious warning by Cai Guolin. The same "thought", and the party secretary of the education system in Hainan Province, Haikou City Xiuying District Wu Shu. Not long ago, because in a system of cadres from more than two years have not go through the formalities for transfer of Party membership, he accepted the District Commission for Discipline Inspection of the interviews. "Received interviews notice, I think a night is what happened, I didn’t think it is because there is no time to supervise the work of the party organization relationship transfer transfer." Wu Shucan admitted that the interview is filled with wisdom remind ourselves of the shoulder, the responsibility of managing party. Did not expect the previous "little things" is now "contests", did not expect it to subordinate leadership board, unexpectedly retired for many years will be accountable…… In the face of a comprehensive and strict discipline, some party members and cadres seem to have not been slow to god. Of the party since eighteen, the CPC Central Committee to discipline as a focal point to comprehensive strictly, discipline cage more and more tightly tied, managing party from soft to hard tight loose. The change is not only reflected in the intuitive feelings of Party members and cadres, more real data support — 2014, the discipline inspection organs filing number, closing number and given the number of Party and government discipline, have reached the highest value since the formation of the restoration of discipline; 2015, suspected of discipline in the management of cadres have been closed and are being processed case review)相关的主题文章:

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