The mystery behind the Wuliangye price continue to control the amount of price buried hidden

The mystery behind the Wuliangye price: continue to control the amount of the price of hidden buried recently, Wuliangye announced the re adjustment of 52 degrees Wuliangye crystal bottle (hereinafter referred to as "S & P Five) ex factory price of 739 yuan, up 60 yuan per bottle, and this is the third time within a year after the price increases, rising prices at historic highs of five P. However, Wuliangye price increases, some dealers pressure suddenly increased. At the same time, Wuliangye also has different selling prices in different terminals. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters found that the presence of high inventory Wuliangye distillery. In this regard, industry analysts, Wuliangye price increases are corporate behavior, rather than market behavior, which is now gradually pick up the domestic high-end liquor companies, there is a greater risk. Moreover, Wuliangye continued to control the price increases brought about by the high price for Wuliangye’s future in the sales market buried a hidden danger. The phenomenon of price increases three times a year in August 30th, Wuliangye announced in Chengdu on the five general marketing will once again raised ex factory price of 60 yuan, 739 yuan to determine and adjust the bottle, after the S & P Five record prices. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporter learned that Wuliangye’s price increases since August last year, the third price increase. In fact, as early as last August, Wuliangye had five price from 609 yuan raised to 659 yuan a bottle of bottle, since March this year, the S & P Five ex factory price recovery adjustment from 659 yuan to 679 yuan a bottle of bottle, the re factory price will be adjusted to 739 yuan a bottle, and recommended retail price 829 yuan bottles, and the implementation of the new price in September 15th. In addition, Wuliangye also said that Wuliangye 1618, low series products will also be based on market supply and demand, timely introduction of adjustment measures. For price increases, the relevant person in charge of Wuliangye has told the media that the market has a rigid demand, the second half of the basic stock, next year will continue to control. Analysis of the industry pointed out that the price increase is mainly to control the amount of Wuliangye, in fact, the market has not fully warmed up. Investigation of the market price is not a price for several times a year, the Beijing Daily reporter from some dealers, shopping malls and supermarkets to understand, Wuliangye also appeared uneven state in the Mid Autumn Festival price, some super sale price is still 700 yuan, while some cigarette and liquor vendor price at 850 yuan. In the Chaoyang District Hepingli area in Beijing City, a cigarette and liquor vendor, the Beijing Daily reporter found that the general price of five is only 685 yuan, while another only 300 meters of tobacco in the supermarket, the S & P Five price rose to 858 yuan. Prices vary in the vicinity of Chaoyang North Road also exists. In a supermarket and Chaoyang North Road, Beijing Business Daily reporter asked the five price of 850 yuan, but in the Carrefour supermarket Yaojieyuan shop, the Beijing Daily reporter found that the S & P Five sale price to 729 yuan, but the store sales staff said after the mid autumn festival may be compared to the previous price adjustment has risen 100 yuan. When Beijing Daily reporter asked why the price difference of more businesses, Hepingli days Fung supermarket boss Lee said tobacco nearby, some of the store will be part of the 2015 inventory, and like last year’s inventory theory相关的主题文章:

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