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Japan " DPP " leader election said Taiwan is not a country of green glass heart – Beijing Chinese Taiwan news network September 13th’s largest opposition party, the Democratic Party of Japan "party chairman Lian Fang said publicly on the candidates before, according to a China principle, Taiwan is not a country. Who knows that they make in Taiwan female DPP "legislators" Guan Bi Ling Lian Fang is fly into a rage and attack, "hard hearted woman". The 48 year old Taiwanese father and mother Lian Fang is Japanese. Taiwan "electronic newspaper" reported earlier that in September 15th she belongs to Japan "the DPP will be party chairman election, 3 candidates with the highest voice Lian Fang, but she was questioned for some media with the so-called" dual nationality "and" false Japanese ", not qualified as members of congress. In this regard, Lian Fang said the day before, 31 years ago with his father for giving up Taiwan’s procedures, but do not understand the language, formal procedures, the formal written confirmation. According to the Taiwan news network reported that Lian Fang in 11 at the press conference once again denied the outside questioned her. She stressed that she had given up Taiwan, and according to the principle of one, Taiwan is not a country. She said she was out for the sake of japan. In addition, the report pointed out that the lotus belongs to Japan’s Democratic Progressive Party incumbent president Katsuyaokada, has also shown that does not support Taiwan independence". Ren Ho has pointed out that "Taiwan is not a country", the DPP "legislators" Guan Bi Ling on Facebook fly into a rage, then (Facebook) issued a document, angrily said, "politics doesn’t have to be extremely cruel and merciless Renho enough this time, ruthless, no matter what highfalutin reasons, I will mercilessly scold her". Finally, Guan Biling also condemned the "too hard hearted woman". The "Green Committee" of a hysterical Island attracted a lot of people within the network and ridicule, netizens leave a comment in the news report said: "ha ha ha, the truth hurt false Imperial Glass Heart" "she is not ruthless, you stupid!" "Ha ha ha, is that accident? Good medicine tastes bitter! Guan Biling is a big ostrich in the sand!" There are friends simply will pan Army: "has been in power for more than 100 days, why not" independent "? Tomorrow is to go to your house Cai Yingwen declared independence, ah, what are you waiting for? Will only cheat the votes mean to say someone else le! You are shameless!" Many netizens bluntly, the Japanese did not regard Taiwan as a country, are the DPP itself hot face cold butt, to play a few times Guan Biling’s face, she will wake up? The DPP’s move to Japan and the United States is the biggest "diplomatic" error!" Friends describe, it makes people feel like being Bi Ling tube, scam victims cheated, as if wakening from a dream. "But in fact, since ancient times, there is no country called Taiwan. And do not say Lian Fang, Japan’s diplomacy also acknowledged that Taiwan is a part of the Chinese." (China Taiwan net Wang Wang)相关的主题文章:

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