The Hangzhou lottery lottery prize in Yuhang in 5 million successive frequent + Awards diying

The Hangzhou lottery lottery prize in 5 million successive frequent Yuhang + Yuhang district award of Hangzhou City, the happening of magic. Recently, the Yuhang lottery has opened a prize. The first is the front of a lottery in the dream town "6+1" grand prize of 5 million yuan, a few days later, a lottery Liangzhu play lottery Lotto in 7 million 80 thousand! Dream dream town recently, is located in Yuhang District Street warehouse before the dream town, No. 3301008180 lottery sales outlets, continuous in the award. The outlets in October 28th to buy lottery top Gung scraping China red ticket scrape out 100 thousand yuan prize after November 4th, and the lucky lottery "6+1" prize, bonus 5 million yuan. According to the sales clerk said, in October 28th the dot top Gung scraping award of 100 thousand yuan, business has been good, the store is often filled with people, you also want to joy, but to buy "6+1" lottery is not much. In the "6+1" award, is likely to come from a nearby just opened a noodle shop owner’s hand. Noodle shop owner Mr. X also said that the noodle shop opened, and across the street from the lottery shop in the prize, they want to own and customers also joy, do a buy noodle 2 yuan to send "6+1" activities. Who knows, the award came so fast, do not know who is the lucky customer. After the award in a row, more and more people around to buy color. Often to the lottery outlets but Mr Z and missed a few days before the 100 thousand yuan prize, although no prize, but also realized the winning happiness, even if it is not, but also make a contribution for the national sports. Spend 7 million 80 thousand and 11 yuan in 6 on the evening of 7 August, lottery Lotto 16131st lottery, the current national opened 6 note first prize, a single injection of 7 million 80 thousand yuan prize, Hangzhou Province won a lottery in which. It is understood that this note first prize from the lottery in the Liangzhu street of Hangzhou City Road 191, benign stroke 3301008127 lottery sales outlets, winning coupon is 3 single number, only to spend 6 yuan of money. This is since November, Zhejiang won the grand prize ninth note lottery, the Zhejiang lottery’s good fortune has been a trend which cannot be halted. It is worth reminding you of the lottery is the "Lotto Maijiu" activities is still in progress, can go to the nearby lottery lottery sales outlets to participate in activities. Maybe, you are a good successor. After the end of the current lottery, Lotto prize pool is more than 3 billion 700 million yuan.相关的主题文章:

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