The gang lied to buy health care products for the elderly living alone for being cheated savings (vi sorpack

The gang lied to buy health care products for the elderly living alone for elderly people living alone money cheated light savings aunt July street of a telephone, the other told him the country introduced a new policy, the elderly to buy a certain amount of reimbursement of health care products. The old man so one after another for various reasons remittances, shorn of savings and debt. If someone claiming to be the insurance bureau staff to call you a certain amount of money to buy so-called health products can be reimbursed 85%, you will not be tempted? Hear here, may be a lot of friends and I first feel the same, 80% is a liar. But is such a scam, many old people still move. How did the crooks succeed? In July this year, received a phone call in the Shanghai suburb of money aunt alone, each claiming to be " Beijing City Social Security Bureau " staff, he told the old man, the state introduced a new policy, the elderly to buy health care products reach a certain amount can be reimbursed, up to 85%. Aunt Qian was informed that 20 thousand can be reported to the 85%, he said that you are older, more than 65 years of age can be reimbursed how much". A few days later, he received the money aunt ordered " health medicine " and a bid for the material, fill out the table after she will be 2000 yuan in cash payment to the courier. Soon, the other party was called and said to obtain reimbursement, must apply for a " Beijing City Social Security Bureau designated " ", " bank card; card to pay 8000 yuan fee " ", the money will be returned. The old man did it again. In this way, in the next two months, every few days, there will be a different person to call, so that the money to make up for the cost of aunt. "Every time it is (send) thousands of dollars, thousands of dollars. My monthly retirement pay 3 Qianduoyi". Soon, the money aunt sent out all the savings, but also asked neighbors to borrow a few million. But she gradually found that the other is a bottomless pit. In the neighborhood and family persuasion, money aunt finally reported to the police. After receiving the alarm, the police on the implementation of a number of telephone fraud technical investigation, found that these numbers are virtual network, can not find the person behind the number. However, due to all the information sent by the fraud gang and the generation of the address of the logistics companies are displayed in Beijing. Following this clue, soon, a villa located in the town of Beijing, Shahe, Changping District into the police line of sight. August 31st, police arrested. The old man bought a house one hundred and eighty thousand credulous telemarketing medicine (the video only extended) fingertips, at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep under the two-dimensional code, focus on Tencent Dashen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)相关的主题文章:

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