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The first set a small goal, for example, I will buy Taiwan entry-level car supercar – Sohu Wang Jianlin said: "the first one can achieve small goals, such as I make it one hundred million", completely inspired us! Since then you are saying, you may wish to set riders a small target, for example, I will buy an entry-level supercar. Since you want to set goals, naturally clear and structured, a look at what kind of super run for you! Nissan GT-R is known as the "Japanese War" GTR in the eyes of the people is always God cars in general, seckill a large part of car, and even some super run rival! Beautiful smooth shape sought after. Very marked taillight design and four exhaust, like a tiger breathing, let you know how horrible. As an entry-level supercar, which is equipped with a 3.8T V6 twin turbo engine, instantly broke out 540 horsepower. How many people were fully deserve God’s heart of love. See the engine feel that GTR is a full "Crazy", such an entry level super run, the price is only about 1 million 600 thousand, as the first small target is appropriate! Mercedes Benz SLS to tell the truth Mercedes Benz SLS, other features are not so clear, all the attractions are covered by its doors. Because of its unique way to open the door has also been marked "man’s dream lover" title. Super compact car front collocation, collocation on the one and only gull wing doors, make its appearance more exaggerated, but as a super run. If you ignore the performance, then you too flex AMG! Equipped with 6.2L V8 naturally aspirated engine, it has a 631 horsepower. One hundred kilometers acceleration of 3.6 seconds is possible, it is the first! Up to 3 million of the price is also an important reason for the sale of less, but now the second-hand price is still very impressive about one million. As one of the first small goals can be achieved! Ferrari said Ferrari roadster could be less strong, as the manipulation of an entry-level supercar, with horse logo is really let people slobber. Very exaggerated appearance in the street and galloped off absolute pocketed the eye, sitting in the car, holding the steering wheel of the second, even the world is yours! Equipped with 4.5L V8 naturally aspirated engine, can bring 605 horsepower. As if sitting in an engine, make you mad! Ferrari for men is really terrible, do not set a goal to buy a Ferrari are sorry for myself. Although it has been discontinued, but we can put the Ferrari 488 (price of 3 million 380 thousand) as the goal, to achieve the life of the first Ferrari! Lamborghini Huracan said Ferrari had to say is its rival Lamborghini, has a very aggressive appearance. As an entry-level Lamborghini supercar, it has completely inherited the predecessors of the bull descent. Lamb Niki mavericks!相关的主题文章:

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