The current round of refined oil price decline or over 300 tons in the year the largest – Sohu news tataufo

The current round of refined oil prices fell more than 300 yuan per ton or hit the year – Sohu news and securities times (November 14th) hearing on November 16th, at 24, the current round of refined oil price adjustment window will open again. Many institutions predict that the current round of refined oil prices or down over 300 yuan per ton, the largest decline in the year. Lung Chung Petrochemical Network Analyst Li Yan believes that the beginning of November as the market for the organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) questioning and limited production enhancement, U.S. crude oil inventories rose sharply, the international oil price to complete a wave of six day losing streak, a steady decline caused by the beginning of the current round of price adjustment cycle, the corresponding reduction was more than 200 yuan per ton. Since then, the supply and demand has not improved, OPEC production is also expected no significant improvement, the corresponding reduction is expected to continue to expand, the final reduction in 320-340 yuan per ton, equivalent to the price rise of about 0.24-0.29 yuan. Www oil analyst Meng Peng said that the price adjustment, this year’s biggest oil decline occurred in August 4th, when the decline in 220 yuan per ton and 215 yuan per ton, so the oil price cut will create the largest decline this year. The price cut will allow consumers to reduce travel costs, to a tank in the 50L car as an example, the price cut, the cost to fill a box of oil will be reduced by 11.5 yuan. JOYOU information market analyst Zhang Jin said, affected by the downward pressure is expected, since the last round of price adjustment of domestic landlord camp of gasoline and diesel prices continued to decline, wholesale spreads widened, diesel pre zero upside down phenomenon has improved. China Securities News Network, the business community refined oil analyst Lu Xingjun believes that OPEC freeze production agreement did not appear to be binding, OPEC crude oil production continued to rise, which makes international oil prices fell again. International crude oil prices in the short term there is no opportunity to rise. So in November 16th 24 a new round of price adjustment window will open, the oil price adjustment hit the biggest decline in great possibility. Expected in late 11, the refined oil market prices continued to decline. (Securities Times Online News Center)相关的主题文章:

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