The country’s first power grid relative to the holding of electricity trading platform set up – ener jslottery

The first national grid electricity trading platform set up relative holding – energy – August 25th Beijing Economic Daily News reporter Wang Yichen reports: today, the first national power grid enterprises by the relative holding of the trading platform of Kunming electric power trading center was established in Kunming, at the same time set up a Yunnan power market management committee. According to reports, the Kunming electric power trading center in Yunnan Province, the province is to achieve power cross, cross-border electricity trading platform. Relative by the Yunnan Power Grid Co holding 50%, Huaneng Lancang River hydropower company, Huadian energy company in the middle reaches of the Jinsha River, the investment group, Yuntianhua group company, Yunnan Aluminum Corporation, Baoshan power company jointly invested. Statistics show that in 2015 March, Yunnan Province as the power resources and production, from big province, determined in accordance with the national clean energy base, electric power base, cross regional electric power development strategic positioning exchange hub, in China Southern Power Grid under the support of the three power reference country’s trading platform set up mode, select the electric power enterprise holding company system form and approved. (commissioning editor Du Yanfei and Wang Jing)相关的主题文章:

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