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The big coffee hot people to promote the new regulations of compulsory education set threshold brewing industry big change – the new network "Private Education Promotion Law" revised draft in November 7th Twelfth National People’s Congress Standing Committee for consideration by the twenty-fourth meeting, and will be implemented in September 1, 2017. The increased regulations stipulates: "profit private schools" shall not set up the implementation of compulsory education, this provision caused a great disturbance in the field of education. The promotion of the new regulations the hammer, impact on the education industry in which institutions and enterprises? Beijing business daily "Education Week" held an educational salon activities, invited international schools, training institutions, investment institutions, professional institutions and other senior members of the public to promote the relevant laws and regulations were discussed. The International School of approval will be limited to modify the existing school curriculum system of Private Education Promotion Law Amendment: private schools organize can choose to set up nonprofit or for-profit private schools, but not for-profit private schools set up compulsory education. "Profit private schools" shall establish compulsory education this provision caused debate in the industry, the stage of compulsory education in private schools must be non-profit, the regulations will have what effect on the education industry? Deputy general manager of Beijing Century Oriental children’s Book Publishing Technology Development Co., Ltd. Han Minhong believes, according to the current law of compulsory education, compulsory education is all school-age children and adolescents must accept the implementation of the national unity education, national security must be the cause of public welfare. Therefore, it can be understood that compulsory education is compulsory. While the international education research scholar Chen Ni said, for parents, for children to choose where they go to school in their own right, parents can choose public primary school, also can choose international primary school, in order to pave the way for future children to study. Did Zhang Zhe, director of the office of China card CISCO Leadership Academy years of study said, "read the law what is needed is the starting point of the regulations clearly established in the United States consider the possibility of establishing a Chinese on the school? The answer is not possible, but in our country, the stage of compulsory education schools and universities abroad some direct international standards, the new law is the highlight of China’s educational sovereignty and private international schools and foreign university standards for direct influence, after the approval may be restricted". According to industry estimates, in China’s domestic and foreign direct access to the University of private international schools is not much, about more than and 200. Although some international schools are known as "international schools", there is no essential difference between the curriculum system of public schools in compulsory education. Kevin, President of the Institute of Chen Bin believes that after the implementation of the new law, with foreign universities directly in line with the international schools, according to China’s compulsory education curriculum, curriculum reform. Compulsory education stage of domestic and international courses are integrated, not antagonistic, which requires international schools in teaching and research efforts. Zhang Zhe expressed his approval of this view, foreign textbooks in the international school landing research and development, localization of international teaching, which requires international schools to come up with a larger proportion of revenue to invest. Did many years of photo相关的主题文章:

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