The battle began military exercises to retreat battalion commander explained – convenient red Sohu M

The battle began military exercises red battalion commander explained – convenient retreat channel map for the Sohu military brigade to implement multi bullet launching. Yan Xingwang photo reporter Zhou Yuan, special correspondent Li Shengqiang reports: in early September, the reporter saw in the central army artillery brigade drill site: military confrontation unfolded, in both red and blue forces and firepower fierce collision scene rare. More surprisingly, the red of a new long-range rocket camp just a war actually chose to retreat. The battle is just getting back, this is why? With the reporter’s question, the battalion Xu Yamin explained: "retreat, in order to better attack." Originally, the bulletin, blue side artillery group is to occupy the position, ready to attack the long-range rocket gun battalion. Analysis of intelligence, Xu Yamin this battalion artillery gun range than the other, so quickly ordered the troops to retreat, either from the other fire hit, can also use the advantages of equipment on the blue side implementation counter. In depth interviews with reporters learned that "play" is one of the new tactics of the brigade play explore the advantages of new equipment. A few years ago the brigade fielded a new long-range rocket, compared with the original Artillery Battlefield transfer speed, fire penetration ability, fire coverage radius has been greatly improved. However, many men still remain in the original thinking tactics. A maneuver, firepower guided long-range rocket battalion combat group call "enemy", because it too close to the target, fire support operations were suspended. "New equipment on the higher body, new tactics also rely on their own to explore in practice." The brigade for the performance of new equipment and technology, combined with practical exercises, the decision to give up does not conform to the features of the new equipment of the old tactics, has explored as far down, the withdrawal side edge, multi bullet attack multiple target new tactics, give full play to the new equipment performance advantages. Exercise continues, and to the enemy: front penetration reconnaissance squad found the blue side more than the target group, both infantry unit, and fortifications, armored. The nature of the target is different, the use of bombs, different ways to fight, how to deal with multiple types of goals? Just as the red reporter Nie bahan, Xu Yamin will be the target type with multi – type ammunition docking, quickly formed a plan to combat accurate fire. In a short while, multi type shells roared out, the blue side of multiple target groups were successfully destroyed. When there is a good sword sword Wang Tonghua in recent years, our military forces in many "Huanzhuang" season, like a roc, is experiencing a hitherto unknown "molt". If you want to fly, in addition to a new feather, but also when there are good at controlling the sky wise brain and dare to wrestle rain brave heart. The new equipment new tactics. A Red Army veteran after years of visiting the old army, see new equipment of a superb collection of beautiful things heartfelt sigh: "the year because of his" guy thing "is not, how many ideas to achieve tactics. Now good, do not want to want to recruit before, now you can try!" As the senior said, new equipment is more and more advanced, innovative tactics "will activate a pond". The new equipment calls for new tactics. The new method does not drop from the sky, and will not follow the new equipment with column mounted allotment. New.相关的主题文章:

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