The air force ares will be the first public several times the distance into the East China Sea and S cashmere mafia

The air force "ares" will be the first public several times the distance into the East China Sea and South China Sea west Pacific wings — military — Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 26 August, (reporter Zhang Yuqing, Zhang Mimi) air force spokesman Shen Jinke said in August 26th, to commemorate the 70 anniversary of the establishment of the northeast old school "dream space" open air activities in September 1st Changchun held several wings the East China Sea, South China Sea and the West Pacific Air Force bombers 6K aircraft, will be the first distance into the public. It is understood, known as the "God of war" – detonation 6K aircraft, is Chinese designed in long-range bombers, primarily for the implementation of distance precision attack and airport bombing missions. In 2015, 6K aircraft 4 bombers flew out of the first island chain drill in the Western Pacific, and unveiled the Victory Day military parade. In 2016, the detonation 6K aircraft repeatedly implementation of the South China Sea combat operations, safeguard national sovereignty, security and maritime rights and interests. Meanwhile, the – 6K aircraft also participated in the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone air patrol. With the boom – 6K aircraft together to the public display, and air marshals 500 performed the task sea air defense identification zone air patrol police and other aircraft, participated in the Victory Day parade of the red flag – 9 surface to air missiles, airborne infantry fighting vehicles and other equipment. Is Chinese – 500 air marshals independently developed new, medium, all-weather, multi sensor airborne early warning and command and control aircraft, mainly responsible for air patrol command and control task. The red flag 9 is the third generation of ground air defense missile weapon equipment, mainly used in the fight against all types of air raid target, is my army high altitude long-range air defense equipment. Shen Jinke, formerly known as the Northeast Hangjiao Aviation University of air force, will send "days of wings" "Red Eagle" two "school" aerobatic team, the sky dance in the aviation opening activities together with the air force. At the same time, will be held – 10 f model performance, and annihilate – 9, – 10, – 11 f teaching single aircraft air show. Retired Jacques, Umig, CJ – 5, annihilate – 5 aircraft, will also participate in the static display. Strategic transformation of air force calls for new flight talents. The 100 recruit quality students secondary school principals, will be invited to attend and participate in the activities of the open air force cadet in recognition of the general assembly. The air force golden helmet "golden dart", with new air force cadet interaction. Shen said that the air force can not be separated from the majority of Internet users concerned about the support and help. During the opening of the air, the air force will arrange 10 thousand tickets, giving the air force released micro-blog fans and the majority of Internet users. The air force will also carry out various forms of "online communication" and "network interaction", so that more young people to join the Air Force Aerospace dream, and serve the motherland. (commissioning editor: Wang Jiquan)相关的主题文章:

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