The 2016wdc will be held to invite new international standard dance Latin Dance Contest – in network poper

Hengqin will host the 2016WDC Standard Dance Latin dance international tournament – Beijing Beijing in September 19 Zhuhai Xinhua (reporter Deng Yuanwen) 19 reporters from the news conference learned that Hengqin FTA area in 2016 cultural exchange in Latin America "as the background, will hold the" 2016 Chinese Hengqin WDC standard Latin dance international invitational tournament and the first international standard dance in la culture forum held on September 22nd to 24". The responsible person said, will strive to create "Oriental Blackpool hengqin". The WDC (World Dance Council) is an international dance organization that has been founded for more than half a century. 2016 Chinese Hengqin WDC Standard Dance Latin dance international tournament is authorized by WDC, by the Guangdong Provincial Federation of literary and art circles, sponsored by WDC, Guangdong International Cultural Exchange Center, Zhuhai Hengqin investment company limited. The organizing committee said, has received from the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macao Taiwan and mainland Chinese and other 36 countries and regions, more than 3 thousand teams players signed and set a new record WDC event invited countries and regions. The game is set apart from the highest level of international occupation occupation international modern dance, Latin dance, modern dance, the International Amateur International Amateur Latin Dance 4 groups, to further promote and enhance the level of international standard dance in public, also set up in Asia, the International Amateur occupation group, youth group, youth group of the international amateur. The teachers and students of international group, adult group about 139 groups of sports. Contest evaluation team is composed of more than 80 WDC world tour of the grand jury jury composed of judges, as the contest is the world’s most famous judge Ye Rongyuan from Taiwan. "2016 Chinese Hengqin WDC Standard Dance Latin dance international tournament after China International Circus Festival, WTA Tennis Classic, Hengqin FTA area held an international cultural and sports." Hengqin deputy party secretary Ye Zhen said the move will further enrich the Hengqin free trade area to build the style of open education pilot areas, with the connotation of the construction of Macao World Tourism and leisure center, expanding international influence of hengqin. (end)相关的主题文章:

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