The 11 is coming, but you can’t get a pass rate of less than $70% in your shopping cart clazziquai

Double 11 is coming, but you can’t buy a car with a passing rate of less than 70%. When you’re lying in a winter quilt, you don’t even want to reach out. But if you know the truth, you might be a little scared — on the market 50% hand warmer with leakage risks. "Double eleven" is coming, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau recently announced the quality retroactive results selling consumer goods: after a month to buy (like online shopping), detection, electric hand warmer, electric faucet, gas stove, sports shoes and other 13 kinds of products in 621 batches, 232 batches of substandard the total pass rate of only 62.6%. The most worrying is the small appliances. Electric faucet, hair dryer, hand warmer, indoor heaters, electric shavers, moveable lamp failure rate of 54.3%, the electric faucet and removable lamp two kinds of substandard products rate is more than 70%. Warm hand treasure can not be assured: 43 checks, there are 24 qualified, qualified rate of only 55%. Unqualified project, in addition to "signs and instructions" project, and relates to the national mandatory standards of security projects, such as creepage distance and clearance, external connection and internal wiring, protection against electric shock "- this will lead to the use of dangerous situations.相关的主题文章:

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