Thailand’s former Prime Minister yingluck was fined 35 billion baht to cry that I do not know how to

Thailand’s former Prime Minister yingluck was fined 35 billion baht to cry said: I do not know how to do the original title: the government of Thailand was fined 35 billion baht in British cry: the amount is too large, really do not know how to do in the local people that people visit the British British arrival, have come to the onlookers asked for a photo, and encouragement according to Thailand Siam star media reported on November 4th Thailand yingluck, former Prime Minister yingluck in 3, wearing black to the Ubon Ratchathani government, talk with the sale of rice in Ubon Ratchathani prefecture government office building along the street around the farmers, understand the impact of lower prices of rice caused to farmers, and farmers to buy rice from rice field, only 20 baht a kilogram. When srisaket rice farmers asked yingluck should be how to repay the government ordered the about 35000000000 compensation policy of dereliction of duty, the British who said: "the amount is too large, I really do not know how to do." Her tears reported to help farmers, the British had been to the Ubon Ratchathani government public purchase 400 kilograms of rice. In addition, the British also plans to use private funds to purchase 2 to 3 tons of rice, "rice to alleviate the disaster". She said that if the plan works, she will acquire more rice. According to Australia’s ABC news, in her ousted after Thailand’s military government has ordered the seizure of her property, and fined 35 billion baht (1:0.028 exchange rate of nearly $1 billion), the reason is that during her reign the subsidy plan is hoarding rice farmers caused billions of dollars in losses. This order is not correct and unfair." The British plan dates back to 2011. At that time, Thailand was the world’s largest rice exporter, accounting for 30% of the global market share. The British general election proposed the plan in July of that year, was elected as Thailand’s first female prime minister. According to the plan, the government of Thailand to the global market price is 50% higher than the purchase price of rice farmers to buy rice, and then hoard. In theory, the market price of rice will rise because of a reduction in supply, and then the government will sell rice at a high level. In view of the market can be yingluck developments such as the British government did not wish. The other major rice exporting countries such as India and Vietnam to take advantage of Thailand rice storage machine a substantial increase in supply, international rice prices down not up. The plan resulted in a 40% drop in rice exports in Thailand. Coupled with poor storage of rice, the loss of the government of Thailand is expected to reach $40 to $17 billion. After stepping down in 2014, the British so rice subsidy program was accused on charges of dereliction of duty. Critics say this high subsidy program mainly for yingluck family co opting political motivation. From now on Ms. yingluck rice subsidy program for five years, Thailand has landed in India, to become the world’s second largest exporter of rice. In addition to sue the British and cabinet officials, the military government of Thailand is currently under investigation in connection with the planned 850 bribery case. Thailand’s former Prime Minister yingluck is Thaksin’s sister, she was in August 5, 2011, at the twenty-fourth session of the second meeting of the house of Commons was elected as Thailand’s twenty-eighth prime minister in the history of Thailand, becoming the first female head of government. December 2013, forced by anti-government demonstrations, Yan相关的主题文章:

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