Taiwan will pretend Taiwan could not accept the one country two systems on both sides should be unif

Taiwan will pretend Taiwan could not accept the "one country two systems" on both sides should be unified core tip: Hau said, from now Mr Cai Yingwen has never held a hand, never say a word. He believes that the political wisdom of Cai Yingwen want to understand that there is no future of Taiwan independence, hanging the Republic of China’s independence is now impossible. Phoenix August 24th "Sea earthquake recorded" listen to the wind following is the text: Qiu Zhenhai: we know that within the Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party official Cai Yingwen has been in office for one hundred days, looking back over the past one hundred days how to do? I think this is a problem that has been considered and evaluated by Taiwan, including both inside and outside Taiwan. Some people say that this is a hundred days of the new deal, it was said that no new deal, just wear new shoes to take the old road. This is not the focus of our discussion today, we focus to discuss today is a history of the elderly, a Taiwan political or military elderly, elderly dialogue. Probably we remember not long ago and Tsun in Hongkong launched a dialogue, we broadcast the first part, I use my own observation, I gave him a summary of three "". I said that he had a "complex" in Hau’s heart, have complex of authoritarianism and democracy; and for democracy and the future of the Chinese nation to unity he has a "knot", especially between democracy and independence and he has a "tangled", then lead to democracy, today part of the walk on the independence of Taiwan qidao. As a history of the elderly, those who served as Li Denghui, a senior officer in the army and later with him the strongman in part company each going his own way, he set the first part, we share with me a lot of his journey. Well, today we’re going to broadcast the second part of his interview. Let’s talk about this part. What does he think of Cai Yingwen? How to look at the Democratic Progressive party? How to look at the status quo of democracy in Taiwan? Commentary: Cai Yingwen took about a full one hundred days, not satisfaction continues to rise, the satisfaction is relatively low, the network media for more than 20 thousand users poll results in the policy or resolution Cai government, are relegated to the leadership of cai. The attitude of rock, with the highest proportion, accounting for 27%. Secondly, 16% of the people are not satisfied with the government’s handling of the problem of fishing rights. Cai Yingwen said, hope people do not use the ruling to judge the success or failure of her one hundred days, she will not use one hundred days to comment on the cabinet’s performance, and reform. She couldn’t see not because of short-term achievements easily retreat, and in the cross-strait issue, she once again stressed the importance of maintaining the status quo, and that perhaps a formal dialogue mechanism has not been restored, but in many different levels of communication continues. Cai Yingwen wants to know that Taiwan independence is not the future of the Qiu Zhenhai: how do you see the future of the future, which will be the next step in the future, Mr. Cai Yingwen? Now one hundred days have not arrived yet? Hao Baicun (Taiwan Army General): I do not know her, I said, I have never had a hand from her now, never say a word. I hope that her political wisdom is to understand that there is no future for Taiwan independence. The independence of the Republic of China is not possible, so why should the mainland adhere to the "92 consensus"? ";相关的主题文章:

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