Spanish reminder Barcelona champions qualify for the center of gravity has shifted back to the Leagu

Spanish reminder: Barcelona champions qualify for the center of gravity has shifted back to league football "Primera" forecast analysis: analysis of the Royal Society vs Barcelona game ball: FUN88 6.40 4.90 1.35 FUN88: first for the instant: 5.80 4.50 1.51 the Royal Society Royal Society? The first 12 rounds of the season recorded 7 wins 1 flat 4 negative, La Liga table fifth countdown. This event is the thirteenth round by the Royal Society of La Liga, home court against Barcelona. The Royal Society? All year round in the Spanish League ranked in the middle, to avoid relegation worries, but it is difficult to make a breakthrough in the team, start to the season in good condition, the recent wave of Ho to take 4 game winning streak, confident. The last round of League? The Royal Society to visit 3-1 in Gijon, take the League 4 game winning streak, 3 games zero closure opponents, both ends have a good play, the team boosted confidence. The Royal Society met? The giants Barcelona, from the two teams battle record, the Royal Society nearly 10 times and Barcelona scored 4 wins, 1 draws and 5 losses, the last 3 home court has won success, the team has obvious home court advantage, coupled with the recent trend of strong team, this is expected to at least in an invincible position. From the start of the season? Situation, the Royal Society and not too radical, the recent round of League steady, ranking has risen to fifth in the table, the whole state tends to be stable, the season has averaged the ball rate is as high as 54%, passing accuracy can reach 80%, even if they face Barcelona also have certain points ability. The Royal Society is expected? Will draw on the experience of Malaga, take intensive defense against Barcelona, and the winger speed opportunistic counterattack, the defense of the Royal Society has a good chance to Barcelona in the home court poses a great threat. ? as for core lineup, the Royal Society was once played for Real Madrid striker and Ilya Di door, is Humian, in addition to the main striker Carlos Bela, and the young William Jose in the season before the 12 round with 6 goals and 1 assists, the performance is eye-catching. The Spanish giants Barcelona Barcelona? The traditional lineup is quite luxurious, the overall strength is higher than the opponent, the Royal Society, so far this season play is still robust, facing teams have obvious advantages. Barcelona? This week in the Champions League in the group phase to a 2-0 victory over the Celtics, Meiximei opened two degrees, to help the team ahead of the target group, Barcelona will lift the menace from the rear focus back to the league. ? although Barcelona in the team strength is far stronger than the vast majority of the Spanish team, but the Royal Society called Barcelona’s victims, five times the two teams clash in the past, Barcelona 2 wins and 3 losses a little disadvantage, the last round of League draw with Malaga home court, the game in Barcelona 3 points to be full of war. ? note that Barcelona last 11 away games scored 29 goals, recorded 9 wins and 2 negative results, as the defending champion Barcelona have strong ability to visit, the visit and the Royal Society, it is necessary to change the past by Barcelona transfer control and transfer of tear.相关的主题文章:

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