Single foreign aid Xinjiang won the 3 foreign aid Li Qiuping Guangzhou such tactics

One of Xinjiang’s foreign aid won 3 of Guangzhou’s foreign aid Li Qiuping such tactics before Li Qiuping laid out the tactics of sina sports news morning news media news (reporter Zhou Duanpu) "before the three quarter deficit is expected before the arrangement is to let everyone see spell defense, section fourth, finally we perform well." November 15th, Xinjiang, Kashi, after the men’s basketball team beat Guangzhou, coach Li Qiuping said. In the face of this season, second foreign aid opponents, a single foreign aid played in Xinjiang by virtue of the excellent defense to win 99 to 89, Hao took a winning streak of 7 games in a row of three. Xinjiang men’s basketball team in the advantages of more people." "Before we see fourth sections." Long term concern Xinjiang men’s basketball team should have the impression that these two sentences is almost the most talked about Li Qiuping came to Xinjiang. After the game against Guangzhou in November 15th, we should have a deeper impression on these two sentences. In the face of the opponent has three foreign players, the team will be a disadvantage for blatche, Xinjiang men’s basketball team and the team is relying on the toughness, complete reversal in the backward front under section three. Before the seventh round of the start of the game, the CBA League has 3 teams wins 0 — Guangzhou, Tongxi, 81. Among them, Guangzhou into the ranks of the most surprising. Not only because they have Ju Mingxin, Zhu Xuhang, Li Xuelin, Fan Ziming such as a public domestic strength getters, foreign aid Bahrami, Cook also have a good strength. On the morning of November 15th, the game has not yet started, then came the news of the Guangzhou team to replace foreign aid. Grizzlies have been 10 days to sign the contract, maintaining the Grizzlies history of the offensive rebound record of 13 Alex – Stephenson FireWire in place, replacing the previous small foreign aid, Ryan. It is understood that the Guangzhou team had hoped to replace the two foreign aid, leaving only Bahrami. In the end, due to the problem has not been resolved to allow Cook to continue to participate in the game with Xinjiang. After the 6 round of emergency replacement of foreign aid, vowed to break the unbeaten record of Guangzhou, Xinjiang and other bad news is coming. Xinjiang men’s basketball coach Li Qiuping confirmed, and the Jiangsu game in the thigh injury bratzel accompanied by general manager Zhang Aijun has been rushed to Hongkong to inspect the injury. Basic will not participate in the Xinjiang men’s basketball team’s three away games in Guangdong. One side is three foreign aid, while a single foreign aid, Xinjiang men’s basketball advantage. After all, plays a very important role after averaging 25 points, 10.67 rebounds, 3.5 assists, 2.6 steals, and 1.1 blocks of bratzel. In this game, the Xinjiang team in the first quarter rebounding dominance, the score also slightly ahead, then with two rebounds from the score continued to lag behind. In this game, the Guangzhou team was ready to replace the foreign aid played well, scored 21 points and 14 rebounds, I do not know this performance will not let Guangzhou team change mind". "Our team advantage is that many people, before the layout we fight defensive, see section fourth." After the game, Li Qiuping interview revealed the layout of the game. Affected by the absence of bratzel, both ends of Xinjiang will inevitably be affected, the team can only rely on the team and the defense to make up for this.相关的主题文章:

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