Shenzhen police response to see light penalty is voluntary experience is not mandatory

Shenzhen police response: see light penalty is voluntary experience is not mandatory punishment pictures of Guangzhou daily news (reporter Zhou Weiliang photo coverage) the indiscriminate use of high beam, has been the traffic violations owners hate. The improper use of light is often the owner despised as a "open the eyes of ignorance"! Last night, Shenzhen police began to govern this extraordinary move on the long illness, indiscriminate beam of illegal drivers have to sit on the traffic police department special green chairs to watch the headlights in a minute. The move triggered a netizen praising, and asked the national promotion. However, the prosecutor’s Daily yesterday, the official micro but criticized the traffic police in Shenzhen criticized the illegal move. In this regard, Shenzhen police responded that the experience of the high beam light for 1 minutes on a voluntary basis, and "illegal drivers in the light of the experience of harm, police on duty is the harm in education driver beam, and the beam for 1 minutes to emphasize the experience of voluntary rather than mandatory. Their governance indiscriminate beam began last night, Shenzhen police to carry out special rectification indiscriminate beam driver. In order to control the indiscriminate beam behavior, combined with the actual Shenzhen police, to take "all two see two test mode and a penalty" in light future action to investigate, prosecute the illegal indiscriminate use of high beam. According to the traffic police department, two see two test a punishment for experiential law enforcement, of which two is refers to let offenders live moderately experience their own trucks and other light irradiation, feel the harm; two test for the police to the scene test driver what headlamp, how to correctly use, and explained in detail. Finally, the driver was arrested to be fined 300 yuan and a record of 1 points. In order to cooperate with law enforcement, Shenzhen is also designed for the driver to experience the headlights on your vehicle green chair. The traffic police investigated the driver to take the "green chair" to experience a minute, feel by light irradiation is what feeling, let the illegal harm driver experience light. Last night, a lot of drivers are sitting on the green chair, experience a. In this regard, many suffering from light bitter netizens expressed admiration of the Shenzhen police recruit, and asked the national promotion. The daily administrative micro-blog lights: penalty 1 minutes is "outside the law punishment" however, in view of the Shenzhen traffic police out of the coup, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate yesterday in charge of procuratorial daily administrative micro-blog commented that the indiscriminate beam lights a minute penalty law. Commented that the traffic police Henzhao "rectification" indiscriminate beam behavior, let a person. The traffic police will be more effective than pure deduction, fines. Especially the indiscriminate beam of the driver is a bad habit, the traffic police is to let them feel the harm of indiscriminate beam. Comments pointed out that the law of indiscriminate beam punishment only fines and penalty, any other adverse consequences beyond two are "outside the law punishment". Regardless of the traffic police department or individual, have no right to set. Once there is a penalty at the beam is the driver to administrative illegal sued, the traffic police department almost certainly lost; so if illegal drivers eyesight damage, more trouble, may be involved in state compensation. The traffic police department administrative micro-blog finally returned to the court, said the better way is through proper procedures to amend the law, increase administrative penalties, even serious 3相关的主题文章:

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