Shenzhen, a parent point after the opening of a fake school teacher SMS Trojan loss 40 thousand sayu-02

A parent Shenzhen school teacher after opening the fake SMS Trojan loss 40 thousand Gan et al fake school teacher, parents to send messages containing Trojans, and illegal access to parents’ bank account information, through online shopping to sell cash way to profit. Recently, the Shenzhen Nanshan District City People’s Procuratorate prosecution, Gan Lee duo of credit card fraud case verdicts, the court on the crime of credit card fraud were sentenced to imprisonment for one year and fined twenty thousand yuan respectively. In 2016 April, Gan and Lee together with " four " et al (handled separately) by parents concerned about children’s psychology, the teacher issued to parents with counterfeit Trojan SMS, roughly content is " certain parents, here is your child’s school discipline evaluation table, then attach the Trojan link ". Once parents click the Trojan link, SMS, mobile phone communication, Gan Lee and others to instantly access parents through the Trojan records, bank account information, and intercept real-time mobile phone SMS (such as bank card consumer mobile phone verification code SMS etc.). It is reported that Gan, Lee and others illegally obtain the victim’s bank account after payment to the shortcut in the network shopping platform to large buy telephone recharge cards, game cards and other goods, and then enter the bank sent to intercept the victim’s mobile phone payment verification code to complete the online shopping, buy prepaid cards, cards and other merchandise again the cash sale on the internet. April 15, 2016, Gan Mou, Lee to get the modus operandi of the Liao two industrial and commercial bank account number, and the use of fast payment online shopping spending 27 pen, the total amount of 42744.72 yuan. Police immediately found liaomou, the bank card stolen brush, abnormal trading grounds to the Alipay Alipay to apply for a refund, refund the victim 30497.8 yuan. Gan Mou, Lee stealing other people’s credit card information and illegal access to money through the Trojans, now pay the price. Recently, the court to credit card fraud were sentenced to one year in prison and fined twenty thousand yuan, respectively. Shenzhen prosecutors said the use of such messages parents concerned about the situation of children in school psychology, and the use of the child’s real name, a lot of confusion, it is easy for parents to relax vigilance. Once accidentally click on the link in the message, the mobile phone will be implanted trojan virus, leading to personal information, online banking, mobile phone and bound WeChat, Alipay account funds stolen. In this case, the Shenzhen public prosecutor informed the public to receive such a URL link text messages, do not easily point to open the link in the message, we must first contact with the child’s school or teacher to confirm the authenticity of the message. If you click on the link in the message, immediately related to the freezing of bank, Alipay, WeChat and other accounts, the abnormal trading, should immediately appeal, to reduce or avoid the loss of money. Shenzhen evening news reporter Yi Xiao Hong correspondent Hong Miaoyan editor: GDN002相关的主题文章:

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