Shanghai, a district in two years is still no way to purchase the main industry experience address i sunny came home

Shanghai, a district in two years is still no way to purchase the main industry encounter unknown address signs, road signs, bus stop on the road without a name, but it is not a formal way. Before the era of Baihe Town, Qingpu District of Shanghai city green phase Mingdi community service to the owners of more than 12345 hotline and Liberation Daily said they reflect, in two years, still not clear where you live, the reason lies in the way the cell door has no name. This not only brings inconvenience to the owners, but also brings a series of management problems. Residents did not understand: two years, give a way to get a name so difficult? The road two years without the "right" to the small interview, the reporter repeatedly asked where the owners of the district. The phone, the other only told reporters: the district is located in the "G2" on the south side, the export of Beijing Shanghai high-speed Huaqiao waiqingsong highway on the west side, the north shore of the Wusong river. A high-speed, along the waiqingsong highway to the south, turn right into a "Binjiang branch" of the road, and then turn into a road to. It sounds a little hard, fortunately, the name of the cell "era Mingdi" has to search in the navigation APP. This is a path along the north shore of the Wusong River four lane wide road, district one or two, three times Mingdi period from east to West are arranged in the north side of the street. What is this road? Walking in a circle, can find such a few clues: turn into the road in Binjiang branch, the head has a sign saying "Binjiang Avenue"; while opening the "Baidu maps" APP, a plot and display the address as "Binjiang Branch Lane 1" can be set up in the road; come, simply write "green era, mingdi". Residents stay for two years, although the road has been bright street lights, through the bus, but so far there is no official name. City Management "dead" road has no name, cannot accurately describe the residential address, the direct impact is the inconvenience of life: online shopping can only send express directly write the name of the cell, the probability of things returned very high; area has no postal, can not send letters, not entered the newspaper; rub in this car touch the road, call 110, how did not know where…… What is more serious is that an emergency will delay". Owners have told reporters that not long ago, the two phase of an air-conditioning installation work fall injuries, ambulance call 120, according to the name of the cell could not find the place, not only to the owners to waiqingsong highway "". There is a fire, the fire engines also delayed a lot of time to touch the place. This unnamed road has become a city management of the dead". Reporters on the scene saw that the road has become a natural parking lot; the road can also be seen everywhere a variety of domestic waste, decoration construction waste accumulation, no clean-up; green belt overgrown with weeds, but also the lack of conservation…… In what part of the named card owners Ms. Yang told reporters, "Binjiang road" of the name is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. As early as in the district development planning, this road is called "Binjiang avenue". Why not use this name? What is the official name of the road card? Temporary dye相关的主题文章:

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