Shandong 1 school canteen to eat food for hundreds of students suspected parents discussing 1256789

Shandong 1 school canteen to eat food for hundreds of students suspected parents discussing the original title: moldy meat, sour food, Steamed Buns lymph… Yantai a school cafeteria to eat food students suspected food safety related to thousands of households, the school canteen food safety is related to the health of every student. 10 days, Yantai people reflect Haiyang, Yantai Haiyang a school cafeteria for pig feed, chicken feed, used to give students up to students Rice porridge drink, eat food, lymph meat and other food items, on the same day, there are hundreds of parents to the school to discuss that, and to the local government departments to report complaints. There are parents posting said: it happened so far, no one out of school to give you worried parents an explanation to another, we are all loved ones, I believe that all school leaders are children, so treat some innocent children, such a happy family to hurt you. The conscience is really not condemned? Many of the children from the first grade primary school in this school for a long time, for six years, which parents know their children all day is to eat this kind of thing can not hurt, can sit idly by? 10 am, the school hundreds of parents gathered to discuss the school. According to the parents, the cafeteria fruit has most rotten leftovers, rancid returned students to eat. The school issued a statement saying the meat is a carnivorous enterprise for the goods, they sent a letter directly to the declaration is not a supplier of enterprise. 10 morning, Haiyang Yingcai school cafeteria food parents reflect, issued an open letter to the parents of students, parents reflect on the meat, tomatoes, egg and other issues answered. The full text is as follows: the parents of students in the school cafeteria food has its own problems, the school attaches great importance to immediately investigate and verify the parents reflect on the problem, the relevant investigation and verification statement as follows:       a so-called "bad egg" problem of           after verification, the parents filming "metamorphic egg", is actually the remaining part of the production in October 9th restaurant breakfast tea egg, so the egg color than ordinary boiled eggs to the restaurant for breakfast, long-term supply of tea eggs, the parents can point to the students to verify. There is no situation in the school dining room with spoiled eggs for students to eat.   two, about the so-called "lymph meat"           after verification, the meat department Lintao meat company school cafeteria for food, with the inspection and quarantine certificate. Department of the meat stuffing machine shooting by cutting the meat product lines into the morning of October 9th has been specifically identified the entire surface of pork.         three, about the problem of tomato deterioration;          相关的主题文章:

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