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Shaanxi a large number of transgenic maize was the existence of fault shovel government said farmers’ original title: Department of Agriculture: maximize restore farmers loss JINGWAH Times News (reporter Fan Rui Feng Huamei) recently, the newspaper reported Jingbian County of Yulin City, Shaanxi large-scale transgenic maize by strong shovel things. Yesterday, Jingbian county government issued a bulletin, in August the county to conduct a comprehensive investigation on corn farming inspection system, determine the transgenic maize production totaling 3630.9 acres, according to the relevant provisions, in August 31st has put all transgenic maize after eradication. At the same time, Jingbian county public security organs have been involved in the investigation, at present, the broker Liu Moumou has been under criminal detention. Eradicate all completed transgenic maize informed that in August 9th, Shaanxi seed management station to Jingbian County of maizeproductionfield checks, after the County Red pier sector, Artemisia scoparia town two plots measured speed of corn seed field, found in the unlicensed production of household has 285.99 acres of seed samples were positive, sent to the Ministry of agriculture crop seed quality supervision and Testing Center (Xi’an) immediately review the identification, determine the system of farming 285.99 acres of planting transgenic corn seeds. Subsequently, the provincial and County Department of agriculture working group composed of emergency, to conduct a comprehensive investigation on the farm inspection system of corn, through on-site quick testing and final inspection to determine 5 batches, a total of 3630.9 acres of transgenic corn seed. According to the relevant laws and regulations of "seed law", Jingbian County of transgenic maize seed has been detected in time determined to eradicate, to August 31st has been completed to eradicate all. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted the Shaanxi provincial agriculture department deputy director Yang said, according to the "seed law" provisions, Jingbian county without the approval of the corn seed has been eradicated entirely completed. Yang, deputy director said that the Jingbian farmers’ corn seed production was cut for two reasons, one is a violation of the "seed law" provisions, without approval of the local administrative department of agriculture planting seed corn; two is a violation of the "Regulations" GM, GM strictly controlled by the state, the provisions of the state’s "gene, positive research careful, advance and strict management", the state allows the examination of imported genetically, but only for the production and processing sectors. The county government to advance funds for compensation in the briefing, Jingbian county government said that the requirements of the relevant departments according to the law to crack down on illegal business enterprises involved, the seed companies and agricultural brokers, to restore the economic losses caused by the growers, and determined by 1400 yuan mu compensation. Meanwhile, Jingbian county public security organs have been involved in the investigation, at present, the broker Liu Moumou has been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. This decision, deputy director Yang said, cut in the large-scale transgenic maize events, although farmers on transgenic maize did not know, but objectively engaged in the cultivation of genetically modified maize, illegal property. The farmer has fault under the premise of the agricultural sector and local governments to fully consider the farmers bear ability, to take care of the interests of farmers, is still in the trial of the case of the case, advance compensation funds by the county government. After that, according to the case handling, investigate genetically modified corn planting organization相关的主题文章:

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