Senior beauty Zheng Yecheng K Mo CP Don’t fiddle with things

Senior beauty Zheng Yecheng: K Mo CP? Don’t fiddle with things "beloved" don’t draw the rivers and lakes of K Mo CP Zheng Yecheng Sina entertainment news recently, by the same name, domestic animation adaptation of the super network drama "painting arena" people will be on the line, Zheng will once again challenge the IP industry into a hot role. With "a smile is Qingcheng" hit, "beauty brother" name playing loud, Zheng Yecheng has also recently become very busy, small to see him, Zheng Yecheng is ready to complete a wave of interviews, rehearsal. Even he admits that some time ago is "overdraft", the future intends to take charge, in a house. In real life, Zheng Yecheng seems to be more "naughty", sitting in the middle of the crowd laughing, chatting to stray, stay adorable and asked: "what? Are you talking to me?" TV drama "smiled very little", played by Zheng Yecheng and Hao eyebrow hacker KO staged a "emotional drama", not much, if any man with a handsome picture really is somewhat small pink. But as for the recently popular K Mo CP, Zheng Yecheng repeatedly shouted: do not fiddle with things! And Li Xingyun is the same as the real men’s dress too dew drying into Oreo Sina entertainment: the role of the Li Xingyun, which do you enjoy the most? Zheng Yecheng: when he said, "you’re my woman," it’s really good, man! I have this feeling in my heart, that is my family, who did not dare to move! A little bit of heroism. Sina entertainment: what is the difference between the two dimension and the past? Zheng Yecheng: more dew! Before the costume drama are tightly. This arm here, it’s all exposed. There are a lot of play became a problem, revealing the place can not take protective gear, fell down when not directly fall, most hand hold, but inevitably some small stones what, often scratch. Sina entertainment: what is left behind? Zheng Yecheng: when the sun is very toxic, I am ah. Now (at his chest) here a chicken heart, then (by hand in the arm to a section from the gestures), a festival, a festival, like Oreo, ha ha. Sina entertainment: costume drama and modern drama, like what kind of shape? Zheng Yecheng: I still like the costume because I don’t have to change (laughs). But the modern drama, often need to change, if you do not like their own clothes, there will be a little heart. Although still want to wear, but in my heart is exclusion, has been thinking, ah, this is my image! All people see! How to do it? Sina entertainment: (hold back the impulse to laugh) so life itself a little smug? Zheng Yecheng: No, I’m a little narcissistic, but I don’t think I look good. I live in the house, not how to go out, too lazy to clean up. Once you have to go out for a long time, particularly tangled (staff nodded). And then feel good trouble, do not go out! Talk about CP anti fear: do not engage in things K Mo is brother sentiment when I do not know, the network began to rise a burst of male male CP boom. In recent years, straight)相关的主题文章:

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