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Secret: the Chinese "peace loving" image is how to come? Why did Wen Zisi talk about this problem? Because it’s too late to talk about it. In recent years there is a popular saying: China in decades to rise as a world power, the second largest economy, but did not launch a war of aggression, worthy of the name "peaceful rise". If placed before World War II, this is Arabian Nights, never. After World War II, the world turned to peace and development, all countries do not fight, the two World War, the emergence of nuclear weapons, so that people hate war, fear of war, no longer resort to force. China has just caught up with the times, and it is impossible to do the impossible. China did not fight a war has become a powerful country, the script of the peaceful rise". But the "zero war rise" is still considered a miracle. Although the mainstream of world peace and development, but it is not entirely without war, history has always been an aggressive nation, if not China, another one powers, can not adhere to the peace implementation of "peaceful rise", be in doubt. So, at the same time with the popular "China miracle theory", and a "China special theory": the Chinese nation itself is a peace loving nation, has been advocating a benevolent, early know the country is great, warlike perish "truth, never aggression. The Chinese nation is formed by a strong culture, not a powerful force. Since modern times, suffering from aggression and humiliation, peace is hard to know, after the country does not invade other countries. A good external cause, coupled with a good internal cause, the Chinese nation "peace of mind" to establish the image of the Chinese people have come to such a self praise, foreigners listened, and sometimes can not say anything. Don’t say what, because all have powers, as long as there is a period of imperialism or colonialism or militarism, fascism or the history of congenital loses. The brave, indomitable theory can also, but of peace and friendship even if, no matter how to apply history, there is no way to put the bloody brutal, beastly era as a pacifist performance. The countries that have been wearing the black hat of imperialism, and the rest of the former colonial countries that were invaded, conquered, and oppressed. Although there is no black hat on the head of the former colonial countries, but to bring a peaceful red hat, but also reluctantly. Because of aggression or not aggression, militant or not warlike, is a free choice of power. A weak, want to beat others, do not want to fight and get hit, talk about imperialism or pacifism, not what meaning. So, remove all power, then remove all weak, look around, also left the country a Chinese — how the past another said, now a world power, but not an imperialist policy, not to invade his country, not seek hegemony, pacifism. Thus, the "Chinese miracle" is equivalent to the "special theory of China", the Chinese people continue to praise themselves, even said they believe: the Chinese nation itself is a "peace loving" nation. Is the red hat so good?.相关的主题文章:

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