Rental house three days old man did not go out the door to the police found he had been killed

The old man rented for three days. The police open the door to find that he had died – Beijing life daily news October 14th 13 PM, Harbin Daoli District jinshanpu a rental, did not go out for three consecutive days, a man, neighbors found the police, the police rushed to the scene after breaking apart the old house has been killed. Currently, the police are investigating the specific circumstances. Jinshanpu introduces a resident, the old man died 73 years old this year, here rent probably more than a year, usually go out to see the old man selling vegetables. But he found the old man did not go out for three consecutive days, feeling the situation is not right, and immediately notify the owner. Homeowners rushed to find the door locked on the alarm for help. Police rushed to the scene to open the door, but found that the interior of the old man has no vital signs. According to the speaker, the old man surnamed Liu, 73 years old, Shandong accent, is blind in one eye. Because there is no contact with the old man’s family, and now do not know where the family, it is not clear why the old man died. At present, the specific cause of death of the old man is under further investigation. (Lu Ming)相关的主题文章:

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