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Reminder: 9 League Deportivo La Liga 5 by passing zero closure record against the dismal "Primera" football forecasts analysis: La Coruna vs Valencia start time: 2016-11-01 03:45 injury report: La Coruna injured: Sidney (centre), He Sailu (forward), Navarro (fullback) Valencia injured Giancarlo Gonzales (back) Tele koves Ki, (attacking midfielder striker), Balog (forward), Slobodan RAJKOVIC (back) analysis: FUN88 game ball: 2.89 2.98 2.39 FUN88 for initial instant: 2.98 2.46 La Coruna 3.15?   lakeluni subsets present season before the 9 round recorded a record of 2 wins, 2 draws and 5 defeats, ranked seventeenth in La liga. This event is the tenth round of La Liga, by the La Coruna home court against Valencia.  ? La Coruna perennial in La Liga in the middle and lower reaches, while the hardware strength is insufficient, but has rich experience in the league, League away face CELTA 1-4 defeat to the situation, 2 consecutive rounds lost by a large margin, the morale of the team or so hit the back to the home court or the club changed.  ?; from previous confrontation, the two teams in La Liga against 9, La Coruna recorded a dismal record of 1 wins, 3 draws and 5 losses, only a victory in 2014 October, when the home court by 3-0 victory, recently met 2 times in 1-1 shake hands.  ?; La Coruna last season league performance in general, only ranked fifteenth, this season did not have any expansion team in the league, I’m afraid there is not much competition, 9 wheel zhanba made only 2 wins, and from the home court, facing the same ailing Valencia must try to win.  ?; La Coruna in July formally appointed Gallino as the team coach, but according to a recent performance, he needs more time with the team running, in addition to victory in the first round of the season, the recent 8 round team scored a victory, coaching and failed to play an immediate effect.  ? Because last season the main striker Lucas Pires to Arsenal in the summer, which have a huge impact on La Coruna’s attack, the team the last 9 league games only 6 goals in 5 games zero closure opponents, no offensive highlights for the team. Valencia?   Valencia the first 9 rounds of the season recorded 3 wins and 6 losses record, ranking fifteenth in La liga.  ? Valencia is the Spanish League traditional teams this season early state is at a low ebb, but the team after coaching after the state has warmed, the last round of League visit to 2-3 defeat to Barcelona, nearly 5 league wins in 3 games, the team has increased.   Valencia in the previous round by virtue of Mario – Suarez rare Mei Kai two degrees.相关的主题文章:

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