Relatives and friends in the eyes of Yu Xu the psychological quality is particularly good in life –

Relatives and friends in the eyes of Yu Xu: the psychological quality of life especially good Yu Xu careless – Beijing, more than Xuwei channel picture in life and. As the head of WeChat, her mouth with a white gardenia, gently close your eyes. In love with her friends memories, she is always a child, handsome, beautiful, liberal and dignified. But work very seriously, she can withstand the critical moment. In November 12th, relatives and friends are crying for chuanmeizi pilot Yu Xu. She is the first China annihilates – 10 female pilots. From the afternoon of 12, the social media on the news of the unfortunate sacrifice in the flight training. People who are familiar with her are not willing to believe, expect it to be a rumor. The evening of 12, Yu Xu parents in the past after the incident, the family members of the WeChat group happy group, changed its name to wait for you to come back!!" In the group, each group for Yu Xu back. But it was the official confirmation of the unfortunate news. Her circle of friends the last message: I wish the air force happy birthday Yu Xu circle of friends, always stopped in November 11, 2016, the people’s air force! 67 year old happy birthday "is her last update. 12 afternoon, there are friends through WeChat to her message, hoping to get her response. But it’s not gonna happen. She, as the head of WeChat, with a white gardenia, gently close your eyes. Yu Xufa circle of friends is not often, before that, the Zhuhai air show memory. On the first day of sacrifice, Yu Xu also commissioned a good sister, Mr. Yu Ying’s wife, Mr. Zhu to give her a few menthol cigarettes, she would like to bring Beijing comrades. I and Yu Ying, such as sister, sister, sister, called Yu Ying, called Mr. Yu Xu brother-in-law. Prior to this, she had told her brother-in-law in WeChat: (October) 26, I took the captain to fly Zhuhai, and then around the next month around Tianjin, back to Wuhan to recuperate." But this time, miss Yu Xu. After the sacrifice of Yu Xu, brother-in-law sent a circle of friends: sister all the way home, my sister and brother-in-law to take care of their parents, where you can rest assured that their parents don’t worry. You sacrifice for the country’s national defense, the rest of the matter to the sister and brother-in-law. Her mother went to Zhuhai two years ago to see her relatives in the plane, Yu Xu’s mother saw her performance on the scene. November 11, 2014 to 16, the Tenth China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition held in Zhuhai. This is Yu Xu’s first show at the Zhuhai air show, she invited the family to watch. At that time, Yu Xu’s mother came to Zhuhai for her daughter. Zhuhai City Polytechnic President Liu Huaqiang is in Chongzhou, and Yu Xu is realized before the last Zhuhai airshow. Two people have a good relationship, Yu Xucheng, Liu Shushu. In 2014, he was commissioned by Yu Xu to help his mother. Liu Huaqiang said that although Xu Xu and his mother are in Zhuhai, but Yu Xu had little time to spend time with his mother, see one side, then returned to training. More often, the mother and daughter can only rely on the phone;相关的主题文章:

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