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Oil will welcome the year the largest increase of energy — Beijing daily news (reporter Xiao Wei Lin) showing the overall trend of rising oil prices in the international background, reporters yesterday from a number of agencies was informed that in September 1st (Thursday) 24, the domestic refined oil prices will once again usher in the rise, this is the finished oil the two rose, the largest increase is the year. Www refined oil analyst Qin Wenping told the Beijing Daily reporter, on the valuation cycle ends, international oil prices continue to rise sharply, leading to the cycle at the beginning, crude oil price will remain high. Subsequently, the oil producing countries are expected to lead to crude oil prices continue to rise, but also caused a change in the domestic crude oil rate of change continued to be at a high level. On the other hand, affected by OPEC crude oil production news, since August, international oil prices rose 10%. Although many analysts still question the possibility of OPEC freeze production, but OPEC members in September or informal consultations held talks, or once again pushed up oil prices. According to WWW estimates, as of August 26th, the seventh working days, the changes of main varieties of crude oil was 9.03%, corresponding to gasoline and diesel will rise by 300 yuan tons, equivalent to No. 93 or 92 of the price of gasoline rose 0.23 yuan; diesel rose 0.26 yuan. Plus the price adjustment on Thursday, this year, a total of 17 times the price adjustment window, including the rise of the 6, the 3 cut, the 2 stranded and the price of crude oil is not the same as the second floor and the price of the adjustment does not appear. This increase after the implementation of the domestic retail price of gasoline will be compared with the beginning of the first price adjustment after the price rose 0.8 yuan, greatly. If a tank is 50L car as an example, to fill a box of oil will increase over the year 40 yuan, the maximum increase in travel costs. (commissioning editor Du Yanfei and Wang Jing)相关的主题文章:

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