[private final interview] Shenzhen expert exchange mechanism to prevent the net value of fund Thaila

[private final interview] Shenzhen expert exchange mechanism to prevent the net value of fund: Thailand Wo picture shrink in the first place Wo Taihua Fund: the importance of risk control, to prevent the net amplitude shrink in the first place Shenzhen Qianhai Wo Thai Fund Management Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Thailand Wo fund") achieved total revenue in third place "expert meeting" second weeks of private competition, and won the finals of the private sector. In game second weeks Wo Taihua fund performance steadily, September 23rd reached 6.97% of total revenue. Why would they achieve such results, in many private institutions in the first with some problems, talent shows itself, "private expert exchange" of Thailand Wo funds to carry out the interview, the following is the interview: private exchange expert: first Gong Xigui company received the "expert" Zhou Jijun, and private meeting get into the final qualification, please dear friends to do a simple introduction. Shenzhen Qianhai Wo Wo Taihua Fund: Thailand Fund Management Co., Ltd. was founded in June 25, 2015, registered capital of 36 million yuan, in August 26, 2015 through the China Securities Investment Fund Association sunshine private equity fund managers qualification (Registration Number: P1021822). The company is not long, the investment team is also in the running, try the product operation, product is currently running a small scale, but the experience of securities investment team members in more than 15 years, has a wealth of investment experience. The company’s investment style to sound based, grasping the market hot, in the control of the position of the premise to achieve excess returns. Expert meeting: the contest of private company sent what kind of fund manager or team to participate in the competition? Please tell us about the situation? Wo Thailand: our company participating fund trading team by Ms. Yin and Mr. ho two bits, two bits are more than 15 years of experience in the securities market, led by Ms. Yin, with keen market awareness tracking stock trends, reasonable allocation of positions, responsible for the specific transaction; how to analyze the market trend and good economic policy the transformation of the company, preference, hot events, small cap growth stocks, responsible for building the stock pool in the competition, the proportion of investment risk control to adjust the position, etc.. Private exchange expert: your company has made the top three scores in the first week of competition, the company has taken what strategy is what stock ideas? Wo Thailand: I’m pleased to participate in the private placement fund expert exchange the peer athletic events, although the simulated trading, but we are completely with the spirit of participation in a transaction, with particular emphasis on risk control, to prevent the net amplitude shrink in the first place, pay attention to the event and hot stock Jiancang cost control, and the importance of not in the hot market before switching to the timely withdrawal. Focus on short-term gains, pay more attention to steady growth in yields. Expert: "private private exchange expert exchange" set the subscription attention function, simulation game live users can subscribe to receive your prompt, a lot of netizens subscribe to your company. Can you share some of your investment tips with investors or give investors some stock investment advice? Thailand Wo Fund: we suggest investors should pay attention to the profit rate steady, compounding, prevention of assets. Investment is not gambling, not a charge相关的主题文章:

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