Phil Jackson is not satisfied with the team’s offensive players but does not want to play

Phil Jackson is not satisfied with the team’s triangle offense, but he doesn’t want to play the triangle offense Sina sports news Beijing time on November 9th, according to U.S. media reports, since the beginning of the season, New York Nicks won only 2 wins and 4 losses. In addition to the record itself, but also to the president Phil – Jackson is not satisfied with the fact that there is no attack on the triangle in the presence of Nicks Nicks. Since taking office, Nicks, the new coach – Hornacek has been hoping to speed up the pace of the attack, and in the first 6 games, and did not play in the field of the triangle attack on the court in the first games. After watching Nicks win the Chicago game, an Eastern scout said Nicks will only play the triangle in a few occasions. Hornacek has said that he is the principle of the triangle offense into Nicks’s half court offense, but he also wanted Nicks to earlier shooting on the break, and arrange the pick and roll. According to Nicks players reflect this season, the triangle will be used mainly in their attack up under the condition that the frequency is much lower than the past two seasons. So far this season, Nicks’s offensive efficiency ranked thirteenth in the league, but a bigger problem they face is on the defensive end, because Nicks is currently the defensive efficiency is the bottom of the league, the master problem as much as possible attack. In fact, Phil – Jackson is not the only one of the team in the implementation of the triangular offensive dissatisfaction with the people of the. According to informed sources, some Nicks players have expressed dissatisfaction with the triangle, because they feel that this tactic is not consistent with Nicks’s staff, especially the starting point guard Ross, he always wanted to play pick and roll. Since Nicks served as president, Phil – has repeatedly said that he hopes that he can play the triangle offense, but he also said he hoped the team can have a set of systems in the attack in the. After becoming Nicks manager, Hornacek has said that he agreed to allow him to change and adjust the offensive system of the, as long as the space can be opened in the attack in the half court. The triangle was a great success for his career, but last month, he admitted that the players might not be fit for the triangle offense. In short, the triangle offense has become a Zen master and Nicks facing a problem solving. (Rosen)相关的主题文章:

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